Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Gifting Ideas for Women

Parties are great but what about gifts? Choosing that perfect gift is such a mind-boggling activity. And sometimes even after putting in so much thought, hardly it is appreciated. 

Gifts are an integral part of many occasions and milestones in women's lives. Whether the gifts are for a mother, sister, wife or friend, everyone loves to unbox and see. However, the problem is that the market is filled with things for gifting women. And it is hard to make women happy.

If you are going to gift something to a woman and are searching for appropriate gifts, here are few ideas:

1. Body Care Products

Body care includes products that are for the skin, hair and face. For those women, who find no time to visit salons, body care products can be an excellent gifting idea. From the wide variety of options available in the market, you can choose anything from face wash to foot cream. 

However, gifting anything can be an issue for women with sensitive skin. You must research well and then purchase such products that can be not just useful but also safe. Whether the woman in your life is a teenager or of mature age, it is best to know about their skin type and concerns. 

Therefore, stay away from products that are filled with harmful chemicals and strong fragrances. Brands like Ghar Soaps are specially making beauty products that are effective and uses simple ingredients. Ghar Soaps products are great for sensitive skin. Most importantly, authentic ayurvedic recipes are used to nourish and repair skin problems in both men and women.

For instance, the Wax Powder is a unique formulation which combines multani mitti, rice flour, bio comtable salt and orange peel powder. It is a painless waxing session for everyone. Just take the required quantity of powder, mix it with water and apply a coat on the part of body you want to wax. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes and Voila! the hair gets removed magically with the help of a wet towel. The entire process is as simple as applying and washing a face mask.

2. Goodie Baskets

Baskets can be a great option for those who cannot think of one single gift. If you want to gift  something eatable (i.e. chocolates, chips, dry fruits), a piece of clothing (i.e. set of fancy panties or t-shirt), a stationery item (i.e. diary, pen), and a body lotion with a bottle of champagne, then gift baskets is for you.

A good thing about baskets is that sometimes quite inexpensive items can be also added to bulk up and your basket looks grand on its own. 
Source: Pixabay

3. Handbags

Another excellent idea would be gifting items like purses or handbags. It is quite a safe gifting option because whether you give her a large bag or small clutch, there is always an occasion to suit the bag. 

To gift her bag, look into her preferred choices and what she usually carries. This would give you an insight into her likings in terms of shape, color, and size.
Source: Pixabay

So, these were the top gifting options for the women in your life. Do not forget to accompany your gift with some flowers. She will love it!

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Product Review: Deyga Organics Sweet Almond Oil

Almonds are one of the most incredible nuts. Eat them as it is or put them in cakes and gravies, almonds are super healthy and tasty dry fruits. For centuries, people have been consuming almonds because of its nutritious properties. Almonds are rich in omega fatty acids, protein and vitamin E.

What is Almond Oil?

Almond oil is the oil that is extracted from the almond nuts. And depending on its processing, you can either use it for direct consumption or for cosmetic purposes. Almond oil is excellent for dry hair and skin condition. Therefore, ensure that you look for almond oil in hair care products and skin creams.

In my search for a good quality almond oil, I came across Deyga Organics Sweet Almond Oil. It is currently priced at 600 INR for 100ml. 

The company claims that their product:

* lightens dark under eye circles

* relives skin damage from sun exposure, eczema and rashes

* acts as a makeup remover

* heals brittle nails

* nourishes hair from root to tip

And while I am yet to test the power of this product to resolve sun damage and issue of dark circles, this bottle has in few days been quite a problem solver for me.

I have massaged it on my girl after bath. Used at night in place of night cream/serum. Applied as lip oil when could not find my lip balm. Offered my husband for his hair. And even added generous quantities to my homemade face cream potions. With so many usages, I do not think I will stop buying more of almond oil. 

Deyga Organics offers handmade products that are organic and made with traditional recipes. Their products are also cruelty free (not tested in animals). 

If you wish to experience almond oil, try Deyga's Sweet Almond Oil.

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Recipe 130: Stuffed Chillies

Winter means abundance of fruits and vegetables.

And one thing I surely make every weekend is Stuffed Chillies. 

I use fat non-spicy chillies that are usually bright green in color. Ask your vendor for chillies that are used for pickling and I am sure he/she will understand. This variant of chilly is usually not that spicy and tastes similar to a capsicum.

Scroll below for the most ultimate stuffed chillies that can be eaten as it is or with roti/paratha.


  1. 10-15 green chillies
  2. 1 cup besan or chickpea flour
  3. 1/4 cup oil or ghee
  4. 2 tsp. dhania powder
  5. 2 tsp. amchur powder
  6. 1 tsp. dhania powder
  7. 1 tsp. red chilly powder (optional)
  8. 1/4 tsp. ajwain seeds
  9. salt to taste


Wash the chillies thoroughly.
Pat dry.
Make a slit on one side of the chillies to form a pocket for the masala.
If the chillies are too spicy and carefully extract and throw the middle vein and seeds.
Keep aside.
Now in a pan, saute all the dry ingredients in 1 tbsp. ghee or oil on low heat till besan begins to emit a nice nutty aroma.
Switch off the heat and allow the dry mixture to cool for 10 minutes.
Now spoon the masala into the chillies to its optimum capacity.
Heat some oil or ghee into a pan.
Place all the chillies and cover and cook on low flame. 
Keep turning gently to cook the chillies on all sides.
Sprinkle some water if the chillies have soaked all the oil and is sticking to the pan.
When cooked, take all the stuffed chillies onto a plate and serve warm.


  • You can turn these into mirchi ka pakora by dipping the prepared stuffed chillies and dipping them in thick besan slurry and deep frying.
  • In order to make the stuffing intact into the chillies, add more oil or ghee. You can even add some water to the dry besan mixture while stuffing. 
  • This recipe is a basic besan stuffing. The chillies can be stuffed with many more ingredients like grated paneer, boiled potatoes, etc.
  • You can turn these stuffed shallow fried chillies into a gravy dish and serve it with rice or pulao.

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Best and Affordable Skincare Products

Skincare is so personal and because every skin type and its problems are different, to give an advise on what is best and must be kept on your dressing table is very difficult.

After a long time, I am sharing my personal favourites when it comes to skincare.

Each one listed below are easy on the pocket. Gives a satisfying result. And have been tried and tested by not just me but many women all across the globe.

Without further blabbering, lets begin with "Best and Affordable Skincare Products of 2018"

Dabur Gulabari

This is one of the cheapest products in my list today. This cream is great for those who want some moisture to their already oily skin. Just a little bit on a clean face, and you don't have to worry about dry flaky skin. It will not clog or give you pimples. The formulation is such that it is not at all greasy or heavy on skin.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

As much as we all love makeup, coming home and removing them is important. Proper products and techniques are required than just washing face with a face wash, especially when wearing waterproof makeup. Recently launched by Garnier, the Miceller Water is excellent for removing foundation, lipstick, mascara and liner. Its also great for days when you haven't worn much makeup but been out for long and want to clean all the dust and pollution from your face. Take a few drops on a cotton pad and swipe away!

Palmolive Bodywash Thermal Spa

With gentle scrubbing microbeads, coconut extract and jojoba, this body wash is a treat for skin. Its smooth on skin and not very drying after a shower. The fragrance is mild yet refreshing.

Plum Green Tea Skin Toner

I was never into the 3-step skincare (cleansing-toning-moisturizing) until recently when I noticed that my mishaps has taken a toll on my skin. Toner is now in my routine everyday. After a face wash and before using a night cream, this toner really helps me calm my skin and let no excess sebum form on my t-zone. Infact, it is great to use before applying sunscreen and foundation. This toner makes my pores smaller and let the makeup stay fresh for longer.

Lotus Herbal Nutranite Skin Renewal Night Cream

I am never into fairness products, but radiance and supple skin is definitely on my list of preference when choosing skincare products. Been using Lotus Herbal Night Cream for several months now and I do see a luminosity on my skin each morning. The smell is heavenly and absolutely suitable for putting me to a lovely sleep each night.


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Saturday, 2 October 2021

Weekend Getaway to Kasauli

Looking for a quick weekend getaway from Delhi, that is not too far yet away from city hustle-bustle?

Head over to Kasauli! A  quaint little town in the city of Himachal Pradesh, India.

The History

Kasauli is a cantonment town in Solan district, Himachal Pradesh. It was originally named Kusowlie  and established by the Britishers in 1842. As compared to Shimla and Manali, Kasauli never was a major tourist destination, but Kasauli did became the favourite summer spot for the Britishers. 

Continuing the legacy of subordinating Indians, many of the elite clubs, mall roads and bungalows were kept exclusively for the Britishers and Indian were not allowed to enter. Some eerie tales of ghost sightings make rounds in Kasauli till date about a sergeant who was shot by his officer.

The Manki (Monkey) Point is one of the main attractions of Kasauli. Situated in the Air Force Station at the center of the Kasauli town, the temple is said to be the site where Lord Hanuman's feet touched the hill when he was returning from the Himalayas and carrying Sanjeevani Booty

Pine Valley Resort and My Experience

I have been to Kasauli more than I can count and still the place entices me. Infact, each time I am in Kasauli, I have experienced it differently and from the variety of stay options, the way you feel about the place also changes.

In September 2021, I visited Kasauli from New Delhi. After searching scores of hotels, resorts, and homestays, I narrowed the choices down to one place - Pine Valley Resort.

This resort is quite far away from the main Kasauli town and as a result the tourist places such as, Manki Temple, Mall Road, Church, etc. are all at a minimum distance of 1-1.5 hrs. That means, once you are in Pine Valley Resort either
 be ready to drive long for sightseeing or have no plans and just relax in the resort itself.

I choose to do the latter - relax, roam and trek in and around the resort, perfect my photography skills, and eat the most tasty meals the hills can offer. 

The resort is spread over a large area. There are many small cottage-like rooms that are serving the purpose of reception, dining hall, rooms for guests, etc. We had an option of single room and a duplex. One look at the duplex and we made our decision.

We went in the not-so-suitable climate. So the continuous rains made us face landslides on our way to the resort. Also, the rooms had a damp smell, which really turned us off. However, the duplex option was great and since I was in a group of 4 adults and 1 kid, staying together was a good decision.

The resort itself is amazing. Cut off from the tourist locations and other hotels, I found total peace and serenity. After waking up at 6 am all I did was roam alone, click pictures, swing like a child, and order tea in the garden. 

The resort manager and other helpers were courteous. But most importantly, the food options and preparation was excellent. From crispy corn, chilly chicken, french fries, maggi noodles to simple tea and omelette-toast, each dish was well-prepared and fresh. 

I definitely had a wonderful and memorable time.

Time to say goodbye to Kasauli! 

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Product Review: Deyga Organics Multi-Flower Glow Face Mask

As you age so does your skin. Which means you must take care of your skin with quality products.

One of my biggest issues with face packs or masks is the texture, dryness from  multani mitti, artificial smell, and even breakouts post-washing. 

The recent switch to Deyga Organics has made me so happy that I just cannot stop raving about it to my friends and family. The company sources its ingredients organically and ethnically. They use traditional recipes that are classic and helps to retain the effectiveness of each product.

The Multi-Flower Glow Face Mask is one-of-a-kind face mask that is:
* cooling (like aloe vera gel)
* smooth and silky (you won't stop gliding your fingers on the product) and 
* super fragrant (like walking into a garden of roses)

Made with the extracts of rose, hibiscus, lotus and lavender flowers, the Multi-Flower Glow Face Mask has a tingling sensation and hauntingly sweet smell of fresh flowers.

The product specifies that the mask must be stored in refrigerator and rightly so, because the cooling effect is unparalleled to any other face masks available in the market.

Just take sufficient amount of the mask, spread it on clean face and neck. Give yourself a rest for 30 minutes. Prepare some tea and read a book. And wash off. Use diligently once a week, the plumpness of the skin will return and remarkable glow effect can be felt.

While, the mask has done wonders for my skin and I have become a fan of its smell, however to some of my friends the product's fragrance is a bit over-powering (personal choice, I guess). This brings me to think that for those who are sensitive to strong smells may not prefer this mask. Also from the price point, the Multi-Flower Glow Face Mask is costing 600 INR for 100 gms. This can be an issue to those who are used to purchasing face masks that can be bought at less than 200 rupees for 50-100 gms.

Nevertheless, the organic ingredients, clear smooth texture, and natural powdered flowers into the mask is assuring enough that you are using one of the best skincare products currently available. 

Shop exclusively at deyga.in