Monday 19 February 2018

Daisy Banishing my Prejudices

I always thought that babies are a bit tricky.

Its cumbersome to take them out, go shopping, eat food, etc.

But Daisy is banishing all my pre-conceived notions about babies.

I don't know about others but my girl is so out dorsey. She is easy in crowded places, malls, family gatherings, parks and basically anything involving outside home. And I bet she will be like this when she grows up.

She is fantastically well-behaved, silently absorbing the new environment, easily sleeps on her own when tired.

Its funny but I always wanted a child like hers. Its true to not impose your unfulfilled aspirations upon your kids, but I see no harm in watching Daisy enjoy all the fruits of life from which I shy.

She is much more fun-filled than me. While, genetically she will imbibe the qualities of me and her dad, it will be supplementary to what her own traits will be. And that's when Daisy will be a step better than me.


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