Tuesday 6 February 2018

Home Decor with Pebble Art

I love beaches and hills. Nature has always attracted me and in the quest to bring a part of it back home, has been my wish.

Recently I developed a habit of collecting pebbles of all shapes, sizes and colors. Initially I did not know what to do with them and would pile them up or lay them in a big bowl full of water at the entrance of my house.

Then it occurred to me to paint them !

I am not a painter and can hardly draw a sane person. I have never sketched and neither drew a scenery. Yet painting excites me and I love to buy paints, colors, brushes and what not.

The pebbles have a fairly blank space in which I felt I can paint with bright colors and before I knew I developed a fondness for pebble art.

I use Acrylic Paints and flat paint brushes which are inexpensive, waterproof and extremely long lasting. Up till now I have washed my painted pebbles several times to remove the usual dust and no color has faded.
With simple items and cost effective methods, I have found a way to decorate my little home.

Hope u do too!

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