Friday, 16 February 2018

How to Become a Doctorate: Screening of Universities Before Applying

Now that you have made up your mind for doing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), the second step is to screen the universities and departments that not only has PhD programs but also has departments/centers that are of your area of interest.

This step ideally should come before you even begin the process of filling the admission forms.

The usual route a student takes is randomly buying and filling forms in hope that atleast somewhere he/she gets admission. But like I mentioned "ideally" this shouldn't be the case.

Selection of University/department/centers has to be done meticulously.

On many grounds, the university and its departments has to be narrowed down and only after judging the university, its people, culture, feasibility from home, etc. you must aspire to do a doctorate degree from it.

So, How to Screening of Universities Before Applying?

  1. Visit the university, concerned department and centers - This will provide you with information that is not in the website. Interact with the existing students and ask questions about the center and its workings.
  2. Check out the library - See whether the concerned department or center in the university has its own dedicated library or not. And whether the library has a stock of books and other reading materials on your area of interest.
  3. Stay in or around the campus - You can share a hostel or paying guest room of a student of that university for a week. This will enable you to participate in the debates and other activities happening in the university.
  4. Meet the professors - See whether their expertise matches with your area of interest or not. Request to attend a few of their classes and audit those courses. This step will clear the your doubts about how resourceful the professor is going to be for you.
Hopefully , these 4 prelimary steps before deciding to join a university is helpful for you.

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