Sunday 18 February 2018

2 Crucial Tips on How to Not Ruin Your Marriage

Friends play a great role in bringing happiness and joy to the otherwise boring and mundane lifestyle.

We begin to depend upon friends for so many of our daily advise that it becomes natural to consult them during those days when we fight with our spouses.

However, this is where one should keep caution because you still need to know:

"2 Crucial Tips How to Not Ruin Your Marriage"

  1. One of the important steps is to recognize who are your friends and who are foes. If one doesn't know this, all other things are meaningless. I have found a way to segregate my true friends who really want me to have a happy married life. If a person listens to all the criticisms you are saying about your spouse and adds to it. Then he/she is not a well-wisher for your marriage. Such people enjoy that you are having a rough time and husband/wife is not as loving as the social media pictures depicts. A real well-wisher is someone who listens to all your troubles and tries to calm you down by telling the positives about your partner that for some time you have forgotten. An ideal friend tries to resolve the fight and bring the couple together and not suggest to pack bags and abandon the house. Therefore, beware of those who put fuel to your fire and criticise your partner.
  2. Even after you have understood who are your well-wishers, it is still crucial to not leak everything that is happening between you and your partner. Have some or many things "private". And it is not only good for your marriage but the habit will make you feel mature and enable you to handle the ups-downs of marriage alone. Avoid the urge to call your friend the minute you loose temper and instead search for answers within the household itself. Because whether one takes help from friends or resolves fight alone, the problem is never long-lasting and it will resolve and days will become happy. But what will remain for life-long is the bad image of your partner that you created in front of your friend.
For now, lets focus on practicing these points. I think they should be contribute to saving your marriage from getting sour.


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