Saturday 10 February 2018

Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions

The scores of lifestyle tips available in the internet enumerate reasons for why it is necessary to follow certain procedures, exercise, diets, etc.

But are they really required?

So, "Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions"

1. Isn't all oils/butters fats? 
Ghee, butter and oil are all banned for health reasons. To top it, distinctions are made in terms of which oils are healthy and which are not. So suddenly olive oil is better for heart than refined vegetable oil. And while, it may be even true for some standards, one must not forget that all are FATS! 

So whether u consume a tablespoon of butter (made from commercial or grass-fed buffalo milk) or fry potatoes in mustard oil or sauté asparagus in olive oil or temper curry leaves in coconut oil, I do not think you are making any difference in terms of consuming the fatty acids. 

So, go ahead and use the most locally available fat in stores and consume as per the conscious allows because you are not getting any less fat after cooking with olive oil.

2. Who made this rule of eating bread for breakfast and rice for lunch? 
Did you ever get the urge to eat a sandwich for dinner or burger for breakfast? And did you stop because you are trained to eat certain foods at a certain time? 

That is, bread for breakfast, rice for lunch, pizza for snacks and roti for dinner? 

Since food groups are so few - carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, etc. one can eat anything anytime! 

All kinds of breads, naan, rice, roti, pasta and noodles are carbs and the body makes no difference in them when digesting. Whether you eat a bowl of vegetable noodles for breakfast or a cucumber and tomato sandwich, the stomach knows no difference. 

If made in a low-cal manner, a pizza is nothing, but a roti topped with sabzi or chicken.

3. Do I have to exercise in the morning? 
Get up early in the morning and go for a jog! What a pain it is. 

Why is exercise to be done by killing the much needed sleep? 

If simplified, exercise is for reviving the metabolism in the human body, which helps to burn the fats and hence maintain a slim body. In this case, exercise can be done any time of the day or night. One can go for evening gym or skip it for an hour of badminton. 

Besides, dressing up for work, running to catch the metro, climbing stairs, walking across the office floor, shopping grocery, picking up kids, etc. are all activities that continue to keep the metabolism high and let the fat not get stored. 

And, who has even asked you to do the rigorous workout? Oh the fashion magazines? But after achieving the desired body are they promising a role in a movie or reserving a dress and a walk for a fashion show or marriage with a celebrity? Please confirm it before killing yourself over getting slim, slimmer, slimmest. Do not forget, those in the “slim” business have nothing but their body to make money out of. It is literally their qualification and bio-data. And, just as you require honing your computer and managerial skills, the ones in the showbiz need to perfect their body. Because that is what is expected out of them not from you.

4. Who is expecting me to be a glam doll? 
An occasion comes, and hours are spent on deciding how to get ready. And it starts with the shopping of the right shade of foundation, the essential primer for setting makeup, the compact powder, lipstick shades, glosses and what not. But are we glam dolls? 

I mean do you expect media and cameramen hogging your path when you walk on the road just like they do for television personalities? 

If they do for you then please paint your face away gladly. But they do not for me. 

I do not think I need anything more than a light powder, dabbing of a pink lipstick and a little Kajal before I go out. 

Moreover, men seem to prefer women who are a little less decked up and are carefree. They find women more approachable if they free their hair than tie it in a sophisticated chignon. 

So, while I may love to spend my YouTube time on contour and highlight tutorials, I think I will give it a pass when doing those steps of makeup on me.


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