Thursday, 1 February 2018

Understanding Regionalism Deeper

2016 was a year of numerous publications of  mine.

Paper Title:  Regionalism: Ethical Dilemma of Cosmopolitan Idealism and National Interest

Abstract: Moral cosmopolitanism works when all the actors are collectively motivated and act according to those principles. Similarly, regionalism, a process to instigate economic, social and political cooperation among a group of sovereign state, essentializes concerted commitment and effort towards integration. Yet, for both cosmopolitanism and regionalism to manifest, the role of national interest and ambition cannot be ignored. The article considers two of such ambitions of a sovereign state- economic and strategic. It argues that in each case, when the national interest and ambition of the member states of a regional organization is harnessed, the cosmopolitan ideal of regional peace and security will also be realized.

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