Sunday 18 February 2018

Snippet from my Diary: Baby Daisy at 4 Months

Sharing today another piece from my diary and giving an update on 4 months old Baby Daisy.

"Life for Daisy is very sorted.
Milk, sleep, poop, play, repeat.
At the age of 4 months, all she craves for is company around her.
She enjoys alone time as well but only when she has had a good sleep and is fed well.
Daisy loves to see new faces around her and want people to pick her up, sing songs, babble non-sensical things or just make her laugh.
There is nothing absurd about it. At her age when she cannot sit, hold heads up for long and cannot grab things, it is completely normal.
Daisy doesn't know what toys are, leave aside the politics of expensive and cheap ones.
She also doesn't have the peer pressure to buy the newly launched blah-blah.
She doesn't know the difference between a battery-operated train and a manual push one.
Therefore, I feel instead of cribbing about babies, parents must enjoy this phase.
Babies wont be babies anymore and will not cry for your touch again and again.
Soon time will come when market strategies and malls will lure Daisy and my innocent baby will be lost".


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