Saturday 10 February 2018

Snippet from my Diary: When Daisy was 3 Months

Before a started this blog, I used to write a diary on Baby Daisy.

Reading through today, I found a note on when she was 3 months old and felt very nostalgic.
Not that she has all grown up now. Daisy is still not even a year old. But, she is no more 3 months and never will be 3 months old.

This note reminds me of her being so different from now. Babies and their development is a treat to watch. Each day and month shows so much changes in them.

So here goes the 3-month update of Baby Daisy:

"Baby Daisy is growing up so fast.
She smiles beautifully each morning.
She sleeps well at night as compared to the initial days when it was a task to put her to sleep.
She has begun to open her fist more often. Newborns do not open their fist and draw their legs towards themselves for security.
She has started to suckle her fingers, bedsheets, anything she can lay her hands on.
I have started to train her to self-soothe. That is, I do not pick her up as often as I did earlier and rather play rattle toys when she craves for attention.
I do not breastfeed her as per schedule anymore and instead go either by my instinct or when she demands. Before I kept an app in mobile for reminding me to feed her in every 3 hours.
I have developed a clear sense of what she needs nowadays. Her cries are clear enough to know what she wants – sleep, milk, play or nothing. This comes with time and I was not good at it. Crying is the only means of communication a baby has and so each cry tells something. One must not make the mistake of not caring in these initial days of baby and think it as a tantrum.
Daisy is quite outdoorsy. When I take her out in pram or simply carry her in arms and walk outside, she never cries and instead with so much curiosity looks everywhere. She loves car rides and loves to see the rows of trees and people pass by.
I hope curiosity and keenness remains in her.
Life is much enjoyable when one wants to know things and explore the unknown. Just like I am doing with Baby Daisy!”


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