Friday 9 February 2018

Things I Learnt with Pregnancy and Post-Partum: Lesson 4

4. Parents Must Bend Rules

Baby comes home and pours in visitors. What does one do?

I play with two types of concern - routines of baby and sentiments of the visitors.

While, I thought it is common sense to know the dos and don'ts before coming near a baby, I realized that I myself did not know much before Daisy happened. And since then I have become slightly lenient.

Visitors come with great enthusiasm and hope for meeting the new born. And, the joy of the grandparents is unparalleled. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to gentle my voice and yet show concern in letting them know what I want for my baby.

Daisy will grow up and her upbringing will be taken cared by her grandparents and other relatives as well. I must bore in mind that others are not obliged to treat Daisy like I do. For instance, if I have set certain rules regarding studies, meals, sleep , etc. then others can or cannot follow them with her and Daisy can have a time-out from those rules.

In other people's house or place Daisy can enjoy and break rules. And the system is perfectly alright because adults too break rules and revert back to them. Don't we all diet and have strict dietary restrictions. But once a while we all break them and indulge in restaurants.

Grandparents are supposed to let children indulge in sweets, stay awake for longer, excuse from studies and make a mess! I have cherished my childhood with my grandparents exactly like this. I and my cousins were spoilt by our grandparents and all our demands got fulfilled whenever we made a visit to them. And precisely because of the change we felt after being away from home, that I continue to carry fond memories of my childhood with them.

Grandparents are towards whom a child shares secrets and is assured that they wont tell to parents.

Grandparents are not supposed to be strict like parents should be. The disciplining part for Daisy is mine and my husband's. I may not agree for ice-cream at 11pm, but my dad would not be able to say no if she asks for.

I and all new moms and dads I guess must try to be flexible and let their wards be differently with others. Else what childhood we would be gifting them if there is strictness and discipline all year round?

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