Tuesday 6 February 2018

Things I Learnt with Pregnancy and Post-Partum: Lesson 1

Pregnancy and delivery of baby brings along so many experiences that are both good and worrisome. So, in the quest to document them as much as I can I begin a series of lessons I learnt.
  1. No Dearth of Advises
Pregnancy and post-delivery leaves no woman alone. Horde of advises are bombarded on her. While, they are all informative. They are equally annoying. Because it is  an invasion of privacy and a gesture of care.

People cross the boundary and turn into know-it-all friends as soon as you break the news of your pregnancy and birth of baby. From scientific-based reasoning to pure superstitions, all kinds of advises pour in.

For the new mum, of course, the task left is to listen. Firstly, because the phase is new. She doesn't know stuff. And second, she cannot hurt the sentiments of the advisors who come with grand gifts.

The trick that I followed was sifting the advises according to my liking and following only what I preferred. No one ever really comes to know whether I am doing what they said. So I smile and say "yes sure good point ! ". 

My habits and dos-don'ts were based more on the good books, articles in the internet, and my doctor's suggestions. Again, my own discretion works in each case. If I feel my baby needs protection from guests and sick people, I become a proud germophobe.

Many times I have been criticised and still am. But I shrug them off. My body and my baby is not any one's business. How I wish to raise her, is purely my job.

Its funny how I myself have never really pressurized anyone for particular thing but I have been told quite a few times.

For those who say "its not just you who has a baby! So stop being over cautious" I say "sure each day babies are born but to me its 1st time and it is super special".

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