Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Things I Learnt with Pregnancy and Post-Partum: Lesson 2

2. Have Confidence

I gained confidence the very day I realized I was pregnant.

If I was sure that eating this and avoiding that is beneficial for me, then none could change it.

I followed two types of dietary musts and restrictions. First, which my doctor advised because her recommendations were catered to my health conditions. And second, which I read in pregnancy related books. Besides these, very sparingly did I listen to people around me.

I cut down and in some cases made complete avoidance of items like store bought sauces, ajinomoto, instance noodles, bread, excess oily food, spicy food, sugar, tea, coffee, sweetened beverages, and some peculiar fruits and vegetables.

Post-delivery, I gained confidence in handling my baby even when I had no prior experience of it. I am an only child of my parents and never took care or saw at home a baby on an everyday basis.

I found some rules of the advisors very out-dated. I believe that just because a rule is age-old, it doesn't necessarily become the best. In fact, those rules suited well in the olden days where diapers made no appearance, good soaps and creams were expensive and putting to sleep in a cradle wasn't a norm. I feel it makes more sense to diaper a baby than wrapping old pieces of cloth as nappy. And continuing washing those nappies all day long as if the mom is a laundry woman. And what about the bedsheets that get soiled each time? And the baby is lying down unattended in the cold wet sheets and clothes?

For me, it makes more sense to hug a baby and soothe more often than not touching baby and fearing infection. I massaged my baby with edible and fragrance free coconut oil instead of garlic and neem leaves infused mustard oil.

I was able to do all this and continue to do more only because I have confidence over myself and can speak firmly and reason my actions. 

Babies need to exercise as opposed to lying down flat all day long. I started infant yoga with Daisy when she wasn't even 2 months. Usually parents are most careful and never attempt to do such stuffs. I found that Daisy loved those exercise sessions in which her arms and legs are stretched, tummy is rubbed and chirpy songs are sung by me all along.

Her laughs still give me the cue to continue with hesitation.

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