Thursday, 8 February 2018

Things I Learnt with Pregnancy and Post-Partum: Lesson 3

3. Routines Are Important

Babies are like adults and respond well to routines.

Daisy has a some-what fixed routine of getting up in the morning, taking meals, napping, strolling outside and sleeping at night.

This routine has helped her understand the concept of night and day, morning and evening, sleep and play time, bath and massage time, daddy leaving for work and coming back home, and so many other daily events.

Routines have also helped me plan my day with her and strategize my work as a mum and a professional.

I feel setting a routine as early as now will teach Daisy what discipline is. Why school and studies must be done in a proper time. When should one nap, eat, ride bicycle, surf internet, watch television, etc.

Routines also will help her stay productive at all times.

I want Daisy to be an early riser, active in many fields, wake us up in our lazy days and urge for outdoor activities, eat a hearty breakfast, enjoy school and studies, eager to meet people, motivated to self-help, and offer help to others.

This way I dream Daisy to be a content person with a peaceful mind and body.

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