Tuesday, 6 February 2018

What are the Benefits of India and Iran Relations?

In 2016, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a 2-day visit to Tehran to sign the Chabahar Agreement.

To analyse this occasion, I wrote an article titled "Renewal and Revival: Blossoming Strategic Ties Between India and Iran"

The article argues that India and Iran have long been close economic and strategic partners. Despite the tight sanctions that were imposed on Iran due to its nuclear weapons programme, India never ceased its bilateral links with it and pursued discussions on transport networks among other things. The withdrawal of the sanctions by the western community has only renewed and revived the prospects of India-Iran relations, with the signing of the Chabahar port agreement being a marker of their deepening association.

Citation: Paul, Aditi and Pramod Jaiswal (2016), "Renewal and Revival: Blossoming Strategic Ties Between India and Iran", South Asian Monitor, URL: http://southasiamonitor.org/detail.php?type=inthenews&nid=17301.


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