Sunday 11 February 2018

When we Let Go, Good Things Happen

Baby comes home and brings in tons of apprehension for the parents. But once it is shed, the actual fun begins.
I and my husband have always been anxious about taking Daisy to huge family gatherings and crowded places. And when we do I tell my husband to be prepared for lots of touching, picking up, and loud noise.
One such incident happened to us when for the first time Daisy was about to meet my side of the relatives and friends. The occasion was a religious function called Kirtan. The minute we entered, so much positivity Daisy brought in that the attention she garnered from all those who were present was unparalleled. She received love and blessings that all our fears disappeared. Everyone wanted to touch her, see her, ask her age, and habits. Not a moment of boredom we felt, which is unusual.
We came back with a nice memory and no her health or sleep wasn't affected like we imagined before leaving the house.


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