Tuesday 13 March 2018

A Visit to the Ancient War Zone - Kurukshetra

Popularly known as the Land of the Bhagwat Gita, Kurukshetra is where the famous Mahabharat War was fought between the Kauravas and Pandavas.

Kurukshetra is a holy site and also a good place for a day tour from New Delhi. Saturday morning we usually start at 7am.

Kms from New Delhi: 155
Time Taken without halt: 3.5 hrs
Halts: Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba in Murthal
The road to kurukshetra is within the city so it is not scenic and one will face traffic, toll taxes and rush hour of office goers.
At about 1.5-2 hours Murthal comes which is a good place with plenty of food joint options for breakfast. We used to visit random dhabas earlier but ever since the Amrik Sukhdev modernized their restaurant, we never went for any other place for a little rest and food mid-way.
From here, Kurukshetra is 120kms far. The first in the list is usually the Bhadra Kali Temple, a Shakti Peeth beaming with spiritual vibrations. The temple is famous for the ankle of Devi. Other variants of the history behind the temple is that Lord Shri Krishna and Balram got their head shaven ceremony here.
 Inside the temple.
There is a unique custom to offer toy horses in this temple facing the decades old well. Horse symbolizes strength and mythologically they are related to the Mahabharat and its victory.
Next, we drive towards the Brahma Sarovar, a temple on a beautiful lake.
 It is extremely peaceful here and one can bath or sit and rest for a long time.
Inside the Temple

Behind the Sarovar/Lake there is a huge Chariot depicting Lord Shri Krishna delivering sermons to Arjun.
From here we head towards the Jyotisar Temple which is famous for being the prime location wherein Lord Shri Krishna gave Arjun the Updesh or sermons under a Banyan Tree. The Banyan tree which is worshipped till date is touted to be the same.
There is also a Museum and a science center in Kurukshetra.
For evening tea and snacks, shopping complexes and Malls are there like Kessel Mall, and there is also an option of government guest house for a night stay.


Kurukshetra is nice place if you are looking for 1-2 day tour near Delhi. One of the most wonderful aspect of this religious place is that unlike other religious/temple sites, the pundits or temple managers, make absolutely no requests for Daan/offerings in money or thing. Even beggars are at a minimum making the visits to and fro from the temples and lake hassle free. On the whole the place is well maintained and clean.


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