Wednesday 21 March 2018

Thank you Note to my Doctor

Rarely i like someone so much.

No i am not talking about Daisy today. I am rather referring to the one who helped me in my pregnancy days and delivery - Dr. Meeta Chandra.

Rarely I become fond of and extend my genuine respect to someone. She is simple yet assertive. Cool and calm yet in control. Busy and yet spares enough time for listening to my tiniest queries.

I have never met someone like her. Easy to talk to. Gentle like a mother. Pushy like a strict teacher. And, consoler like a guru.

The recent visit to her for getting my stiches checked, my eyes welled up when she said that i no more need to see her, take care of yourself and baby.

I felt like it was farewell day.

From September 2016 to June 2017 she has been my doctor, guide, parent and counselor. After taking full responsibility of my pregnancy, she finally did complete her job and gifted me a baby.

What i especially love about her is her simple solutions to all things complicated.

She encouraged daily brisk walk and low salt diet instead of medicines for lowering my blood pressure. She advised morning sun bath, fruits and steam for warming my body during the colder months and curing fever and cold. She pushed me for joining pre-natal yoga class and daily exercise at home for mental and physical fitness. She taught me to disconnect with the world and listen to soothing music. When asked what kind of oil to use for prevent stretch marks, she said any oil like coconut and never advertised expensive creams.

She argued that pregnancy months are rare and may or may not come again. These months are about you and your baby. Do not pay heed to the scores of advises.

Family and friends will definitely fatten you pre and post delivery, but high body weight brings with it, ailments which they will not share.

Ghee, salt and sugar has zero nutrition and so should be kept at minimum from daily diet. Her solution to tasty sweets like laddoo to recover from delivery was to eat nuts, and other ingredients as it is and not tamper them with tons of sugar and ghee just for taste.

I, therefore, extend my gratitude towards her. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


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