Saturday 31 March 2018

Top 10 Feel Good Things

Whatever we do or encounter, has the ability to make us feel good or feel bad.

Today I list out those elements in my life that provide me with a peace of mind and body.

However, these are materialistic things that involve pure relaxation and calmness for me.

So, let me list out my "Top 10 Feel Good Things"

  1. Tea - If I see that a hot cup of tea is ready and waiting for me in the morning, I get the motivation to get up. Coffee is good and so are the beverages like green tea, lemon tea, etc. but milky tea in the morning beats it all. Also, I am quite a fanatic when it comes to my-kind-of-tea because, I don't like sugar in my tea and coffee. And, that doesn't mean I go for artificial sweetener. I really like it bland. When I don't put sugar, I don't like my tea strong. When I do put sugar I want both tea and coffee strong and with milk. I love drinking tea all day long, but when I am travelling, I dislike tea. When I reach my destination and freshened up in the hotel, I crave for tea. I love the everyday tea made by my husband who is otherwise not a good cook. And, those who are, I don't find their tea upto my mark. Oh! I am a difficult person to understand.
  2. A Good Shower - This is not the everyday shower. By "good" I mean really taking the time out for a long and luxurious bath. And, I mean body wash, loofah, face scrub, mask, shampoo, conditioner and foot scrub with some good music in the background. With a baby now, this "good shower" has become a luxury for me. But when I do get the opportunity, I feel so gorgeous.
  3. Old Movies - I am not much of a movie addict and sometimes my choice is also weird. But movies like Ashok Kumar's Mahal, Manoj Kumar's Who Kaun Thi, Sandra Dee's A Summer Place, Peter Ustinov's Evil Under the Sun and Death on the Nile, and others gives me lot of calmness.
  4. Washed Hair - The feel of clean and silky hair is amazing. It makes me feel like the day is going to be perfect.
  5. Painted Nails - Whether I keep my nails short or long, the look of nicely painted nails is excellent. Especially, when I ogle them while typing. The click click on the keyboard with those perfect looking nails, is great. Sadly, nail paint lasts for less than 3 days, and then the chipped nails are worse.
  6. Facial - Again! Something so materialistic and related to exterior beauty, but make me meet one girl who doesn't relish a good facial and massage.
  7. Clean Kitchen - For this I give full credit to my helpers. I have never been a good cleaner but I love a clean kitchen. It just sparks the cook within me and I feel like doing something creative in it.
  8. A Well Fitted Dress - While all my dresses are of my size, the feel good factor is only in few. Well fitted dresses are either flattering on my body, or the dress color brightens me up, or I don't feel restricted in them, or I get photographed in those dresses well.
  9. Organized Wardrobe - Just like I am not a cleaner, I am also not an organizer. I do a full-fledged organization of my wardrobe twice a year, winter and summer wardrobe. And, the look of the properly stacked clothes is great. And, more so because after organizing I get to see those clothes which I thought I lost.
  10. Clean Worktable - To spark the writer in me I have to have my daily schedule diary, pens, pencils, laptop, charger, water bottle, tea cup, etc. placed exactly how I like it. Sadly, my table gets ruined each day and I have also started to bear it.
So, these are my top 10 feel good things or practices. Tell me if you relate to them or not.


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