Monday, 23 April 2018

Book Worms! Its Your Day

It is 23 April, The World Book and Copyright Day.

For those who seek pleasure in reading and meet no boredom when books are around, will always be in the best company.

Through the magical and transportational power of books, one can travel to far-off places, enter people's homes and sit in their living room, meet people and walk the lanes of bygone eras, be a part of history and witness a war, and celebrate different cultures.

While reading is easy, publishing is not. The freedom to publish your thoughts without fear of being ostracized is also a liberty. And, it wasn't always there and continues to meet restrictions. Threats loom over writers, journalists, and publishers whose writings are destroyed in the name of religion or politics. One must not forget, that if wasn't for them, then who would have offered us the joys of reading historical narrations, fictional stories, English classics and versus of poems?

For writings that have been published, authors fear copyright issues which do not protect their works. Especially, in the times of digitizing which makes copying done in seconds speed.

Make this day yours if you feel books have been source of creativity and learning. Encourage knowledge creation and knowledge sharing. And, give credits to the works of those who have made a difference in your lives.


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