Thursday 26 April 2018

Snippet from my Diary: Baby Daisy at 6 Months

Today I am sharing a piece from my diary that gives an update on 6 months old Baby Daisy.

"Daisy is nearing 6 months and in 2-3 days she will start to wean. I will be feeding her rice and pulses water and some clear vegetable soup. She is growing and I can feel her appetite has increased. Sometimes she is left unsatisfied after a feed.

Daisy's sleep patterns has changed. She used to sleep 2 hours thrice a day and tiny naps all throughout the day. When she reached 4 months she took 2 hours nap daily with almost undisturbed sleep at night with only 1 feed. Recently, she has begun to stay awake for longer and cannot take a proper sleep at one go. She loves to be awake and see her surroundings and roll on her tummy. Of course, it has benefitted her with getting the neck muscles strong and it has become much stable now.

Daisy has been loving her pram. My attempt to teach her self-soothe and avoid cradling her always has been a success. She happily stays in pram, explores it with her fingers, drums vigorously with her legs on the protection bar and enjoys the sightseeing that comes from moving the pram from one room to another, in balcony or outside in parks, temple and malls.

Daisy can easily grab things in her hands and is able to hold small soft toys. She grasps everything from necklace to vest to hair. But she doesn't like to grab and play for long.

She has finally started taking a proper bath everyday. Before I never had the confidence to bathe her all by myself and only with my husband's assistance, Daisy got her bath. But now she is growing and not as fragile as earlier. Of course, the refreshment and lively feeling Daisy gets after her baths nowadays is amazing, almost as if she is thanking me each day".

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