Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How to Make Your Kid The Most Popular

What are the elements in children that makes them accepted or rejected by their peers?
No matter how adorable the kids are to us, they are an individual outside and no one is obliged to love them like we do.
So, then how can we help our kids to stand out and make friends outside the comfort of their home?

Read the Crowd

Its important to understand that popularity comes with being accepted. If you or your ideas are not accepted, in no way you are popular.
This leads us to the point that one must understand the crowd and its demands of that time. Your kid needs to gradually read the wishes of others and guide them towards it. This way, your kid will be "influential". Simply, put, if a play group of 10 kids wants to go swimming, and your kid suggests badminton, then your kid's suggestion will be rejected and overtime by making the same mistake, your kid will be unpopular.

Initiate Play

Kids who initiate play generally become popular. Encourage your kids to socially interact and not hang back, or wait for others to come and play with them.
Conversely, when asked which kid in the group is most un-liked, chances are that the kid which initiates most fights and shows aggression, will be unpopular and gets rejected by others. With time, continuous rejection, makes such kids isolated and they develop feelings like hatred, revenge and sadness.

Continue Interaction

Sometimes those kids that initiate play loose interest and stop interacting with others. Such kids loose popularity.
If your kid is only interested in playing and nominating themselves as the head leader, overtime he/she will be opposed.
You need to tell your kids that they must have a good interaction and know the wishes of all those who are in the group. Self appointing a certain role or cribbing when not given the crucial part of the play, will make them unpopular.
Talk to kids about how to behave so that other kid is comfortable with them. And, not just during play, but later they are invited for eating lunch together or doing homework. These are signs that your kid is popular and others want to be with him/her.

While there are other many ways to furnish good habits into your kid's personality, little effort and words of wisdom during mealtime and before sleep on daily basis is the key to inculcate changes in them.


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