Saturday 12 May 2018

Letter To My One Year Old Daughter

Dear Daisy,
Today you are one year old. 9 + 12 months have passed since you came into our lives. And, it has been like a journey.
You brought so many new experiences for us and each day has been different and challenging.
In your unborn stage, we longed to see you and enjoyed our time at Ultrasound. And, now when you are in our arms and house, not a day passes without spending time with you and seeing your progress month after month.  
You were perfect throughout but due to my health you were born through a C-section. Interestingly, the doctor did gave an indication and we were free to choose a date and time for delivery. I and your grand mother rummaged through tons of astrological calendars, lucky numbers and time. But you chose your date yourself and 12 May was never on our radar.
Your name was a big point of discussion before and after you were born. I was adamant on Benjamin with Ben as nickname for boy and Tarika with Tara as nickname for girl. Your daddy was mum throughout until he got struck with Navikaa and Daisy. Since I too liked it we went ahead with both of daddy's choices of names for you.
Both the incidents (birth and name selection) made us realize that from now on fate has its way and life has become spontaneous and nothing can be planned.
Our first month together as a Family of Three was a mess and exhausting. I mean, it was happy but it was more insane than I could have imagined. I hardly had a routine of breakfast, bath, sleep and leisure. My hormones were running, sleepless nights, and my recovery was painful. I have the help of your daddy but breastfeeding is something in which others have no role and only I have to be awake and feed you every 2-3 hours round the clock.
You were new to earth and it was totally understandable that for you to adjust, we need to make some changes in our routines and help you.
Understanding you was most important. You proved me wrong when I thought that I knew everything about babies and I am fully equipped. Each baby is different and I learnt it from you.
You have been always chilled out and not much of a maintenance was required. Once you bathed, fed well and slept, you are absolutely wonderful and cheerful. Havoc takes place when these things are done wrong. You chew food and drink with a closed mouth. I never had to teach you good eating manners.
Your start with solids was great. You accepted liquids, semi-solids and solids very well. Your love for carrots and pumpkin is wonderful. You discovered sour taste and love it a lot.
You haven't started eating on your own and even if you pick up a cookie you do not feed yourself. What's good in one area turns negative in another. Since you never developed finger sucking habit and you despise soothers or pacifiers, I never had to watch out for what you are putting into your mouth. You try to explore things but never taste it. Same went for edible things. You do not try to eat cookie, roti, potato, etc.
At 12 months, your below two teeth are here. They look cute and I try so hard to photograph it.
You have always been well aware of the change of your surroundings, that is, different people are around you and you are not in your house. Earlier at 5 months, you allowed strangers to come near and hold you but then you began to dislike it and feel comfortable only with me and daddy. However, after a breather of 1/2 hour to 1 hour, you are comfortable with everyone.
You have always loved your space and do not enjoy too much of cuddles and kisses. You are also not a mummy's girl and do not cling to me everytime. You prefer dad or me when strangers are around but never want to be held when you are at home.
You adore water and love your baths since you were a tiny one. I am pretty sure once I put you for a swim, you will enjoy it.
One of the compliments you get after people meet you is beautiful long eye lashes.
You began chatting since age 3 months which is very weird. Now you keep on uttering mumma and baba on a loop. Also, you sing very loudly. You babble all day long. My house has become a real sound box because of you and I love it. Sadly, I cannot show it off to our guests because you choose to refrain from speaking and become a quiet soul. Which goes on to say that you have a public and private side to yourself.
From 10 months on, you knew what "No" and "Don't" means. You stopped the activity which made me angry. Recently, you have started to feel bad about getting scold and give out a tiny fake cry when I speak loudly and angrily at you.
You have also started to recognize and point at numbers. I taught you almost everyday numbers as a game to excite you and generate curiosity and now I can see the fruits of it.
You laugh with us without knowing the reason which is super cute.
Nowadays you are so active and no one can rest when you are awake. You have no special or favorite toy. You love household items and want a change in them as well. I have to always think of what is the next thing I can offer you for play.
You are not walking yet but you are very close and are getting confident for moving foot one after the other.

Now that you are ONE, I am feeling that the year went past so fast. But when I see the old pictures and recollect all that happened, then I get a hold of the way the year went.
May our life together be just as eventful as this. And, with hard work and honesty you get to achieve your dreams.


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