Sunday 6 May 2018

Product Review: Mamaearth Body Lotion

Baby food and cosmetic products are always a big concern for parents.

Scores of products are available from different brands ranging from herbal to non-herbal. All claim sensitive, harmless and natural on baby's soft skin.

But are they?

Sadly, solution then lies in testing on the baby skin itself.

I tried a well-known baby products brand on my infant, and within a few hours she developed rashes on her neck and other skin folds. I thought maybe its the hot weather, and  I applied it another day. Same reaction.

From thereon, I discontinued it and started my hunt for another body cream/lotion.

One day my cousin, gifted a set of baby skin care products from Mamaearth.
I knew a little about it from friends, facebook, shopping websites, Instagram, etc. But was never really eager to buy and try. Until my cousin introduced me to it.

Since day one, that I have applied the Moisturizing Lotion my 10 month baby, I haven't seen any rash, redness and itchiness on her skin.
The company claims the product to be toxin free and made with good ingredients that are naturally moisturizing on the skin.

The smell maybe a bit overpowering, meaning it is not floral and light. But it hasn't bothered me. My baby also doesn't show any sign of dislike whenever I show her the tube and make her smell it.

I have used it liberally on her body, bum, and face. And, felt that it is very smoothing on the skin, easy to spread and despite absorbing in seconds, the lotion is not required to reapply several times. Once a day is enough in the hotter months.


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