Friday, 11 May 2018

Vitamin C Boost For Youthfulness

Facial skin is never covered. And, therefore, it meets the most stress, pollution and sun.

Having a beauty regime and spending money on maintaining the facial skin is important. And, in this quest scores of rupees are spent and we are least bothered about it.

Recently, I stumbled upon a whole discussion on Vitamin C and how it is beneficial for body and skin.

I am anyways a lover of lemons and would squeeze a thick slice of lemon into my water bottle and drink it all day through. And also add a few drops into my face pack.

Thus, reading those good words made me realize that thankgod I am already in the right path.

But what new I added into my routine was the usage of Amla or Gooseberry.

And ever since then, I will wont shy but say that I have garnered lots of compliments on becoming more youthful, glowy and vibrant. As if I just got an hour long facial done from salon.

Amla contains more Vitamin C than a lemon or orange. It has a high amounts of antioxidants and other purifying properties which makes Amla good for both internal and external usage.

Extremely cost effective and fuss-free in usage, I use 2 teaspoon amount of Amla Powder mixed in plain tap water and spread it all over my face as a mask.

Choosing the right variant of Amla is tricky and must be done cautiously. There are two kinds of Amla powder available. One for Hair and Scalp, and other for edible purposes. The one for hair is to darken the hair color. But Amla for edible purpose is much pure and refined. I use this variety for facial.

This was step 1.

I let the Vitamin C juices of Amla sink into my skin and uplift the dead skin cells.
For step 2

After air drying for atleast 15 minutes, I press my wet palms on face and rehydrate the Amla face pack.

Now I begin scrubbing.

Amla scrub is gently yet so effective.

Scrubbing with amla means you are not using tiny plastic beads or walnut crushed shell, but dried and powdered amla fruit and its fibre.
Its absolutely brilliant in making the face free from the bums of dead cells and yields a smooth and well nourished facial skin.

My method of using Amla as a face pack is very basic but it can be upgraded and mixed with honey, rose water, and so many other things for a more luxurious experience.

One important tip that I will mention - Vitamin C reacts negatively in sun exposure. While, lemons and amla are supposed to lighten pigmentation, moving out into the sun during or after applying the pack will do the opposite and you will do havoc to your skin. Therefore, not just amla but any citrus fruit and essential oils of them are not supposed to be used on face during the day. I apply my amla pack after dinner, wash off, moisturize and sleep.


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