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Fitness Before and After Delivery (Part 1)

In just a few months after my delivery, my husband gifted me Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Mums. Its been over a year since then, and I am loving the motivational stories of that book.

Today I incidentally read a story by a lady who was narrating pre-natal exercises and I went back in time to my own pre-natal yoga classes.

After my first trimester, my gynac asked if I was into any form of exercise or not. While I did say that I have been doing yoga for years, she advised me to join a yoga class that is specialized in training pregnant women.

So, hesitant at first, I joined one and saw myself continuing it for long.

In my first day, I was very nervous. I felt that I will be teased for being fat. I don't have any friends there. If I need help or feel uneasy during exercise, I doubted the trainer will support me or not.

But when I entered, in seconds my worries seemed useless. The room was very artfully done and decorated with oil lit diyas, beautiful paintings of gods, fragrant flowers and huge French windows pouring in the morning sunlight.

Each student including the teacher greeted me warmly and asked about the month I was in and whether I had any health ailment or not. After getting all the necessary details before starting my exercise, I saw that each woman has a tailor made yoga for her. For example, those in the 4th month are allowed a particular step. And those in 8th month are not allowed that. So, this really gave me an insight into pre-natal yoga and how it is different from the usual style of yoga done for health and fitness. Pre-natal suryanamaskar is different from the normal suryanamaskar.

The most which got me hooked on these early morning yoga classes each Saturday, was the "me time". I truly forgot my home, work, family, absolutely everything for those 1.5 hours. There was something very bonding between me and the women in that class who all had a bulky belly, sleepy and tired face, baggy t-shirts and pants. We were all same and experiencing the same feelings. We were all happy, anxious, tired, swollen feet, backaches, everything. And, to relax us, our teacher and her voice was like magic. She truly made us feel at peace and made us appreciate the fact that we are all pregnant. During meditation, we would hold our belly and were told to visualize the movement happening inside. Interestingly, she told us to hold the "baby" not belly!

Today, I am recalling those days because I am missing my pregnancy phase. Due to those exercises I never complained about body aches during pregnancy, which is uncommon. I was mentally healthy and happy from within.

I am no more a part of those classes and neither have time for joining one. But the zeal for exercise is now inbuilt. Keeping myself fit and aiming for a healthy weight has become a habit for me. One of the motivations for exercising that works for me are good supporting equipments. And, I am not saying you cannot go ahead with doing yoga or any other form of exercise without them, but the ease that they provide enables you each day to stick to your work-out plan.

The first thing that I bought myself was a yoga mat.

I used to perform on a foldup old bedsheet or sometimes on naked floor. But a mat made me realise what importance it holds. Yoga Mat is anti-skid, travel friendly, and I can carry it easily to parks or other areas of home and outside. It is washable too.
Next I bought a pair of socks that are anti-skid. I never knew such socks are even existing till I surfed the net to find out what are the best yoga equipments. And, I'm glad I bought it. Now, when I am doing aerobics and not using the yoga mat, I wear the socks and don't feel the need for sport shoes to get a grip on the floor. With a toddler roaming on all fours all her waking hours, keeping the floor clean and allowing no shoes at home is my concern nowadays.

Infact, I went ahead and bought Anti-Skid Socks for my daughter too. They have been great in supporting her tiny feet and getting a firm grip on the floor.

Exercise is not possible always, and I wont lie that I am very regular with it. I have days when I totally skip it and weeks pass by. But I have a tummy to hide.

The Post-Delivery Belt has come in handy and I have benefitted from it. Now I don't have to purposely suck in to keep my tummy in. I wear it for few hours a day and my loose belly has come into shape.

I was above 80 kilos at the time of delivery and in 10 months I reduced 15 kilos. And it has been without a strict avoidance of fast food.

Yet, I will say as a discretionary, what has developed over a period of 9 months of pregnancy, give it 9 months or so for coming back to shape as well.

Do not rush weightloss rather let it happen gradually. New mums are very busy and they need nutritious food more often than others in the family. So things like dieting, heavy exercising are little risky for us.

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