Tuesday 12 June 2018

Snippet from my Diary: Daisy at 5 Months

Today is another day when I am sharing a little bit from my hard-bound diary when Daisy was 5 months old.

She is now 13 months and reading the diary, I feel how difficult and new expanding her diet beyond breastmilk was.

"Daisy has started with liquids. Rice and pulses water. Once a day. About quarter cup. The first day she made horrible faces as if I am feeding her bitter gourd juice. Now too she doesn't like it much but expression wise she tells she knows what's this new thing besides milk.
With time, I have also come to know that Daisy hates her food cold. The first few doses of rice water she accepts and rest she rejects. Once when I reheated, she drank it all.
About dal or pulses water, I have only offered her once. She had few spoons but I noticed she itches her ears after feeding. I am yet to offer her dal or pulses again to check if itching begins again, then I can say she is allergic to it.
In a day or two I will be starting with fruits with her. Let's see how it goes".


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