Monday 23 July 2018

3 Effective Ways for Great Smelling and Peaceful Home

Who doesn't love to enter a place that smells lovely and welcoming?

If you are a believer of Fengshui and Vastushastra then you would know the significance of a clean and good smelling home. And, in how many ways can such a home benefit the people living in.

I take care of the cleanliness, smell, bugs and dirt in my house whatever be the season or time of the year. And, now when I have a toddler the reason for me to pay attention has definitely doubled.

So, today I present to you my top 3 favourite products that I have used and loving it. They are simple, stylish and reap soothing positive vibes in my house. These 3 products are widely available and ensures that your house is smelling great and will banish all traces of odors so that you and your guests can experience a Zen moment.

However, in order to do something new you have to seek areas that are emitting bad odors or negative energy.

Check your sinks (kitchen, bathroom and balcony), drainage pipes, areas where water is stagnant and algae is forming. Clean them everyday with chemical disinfectants and soaps or use natural methods like mixing and pouring baking powder and vinegar directly into your sink. The reaction will unclog and kill the stink.

Now, we are ready for introducing my favorite

3 Products to Have a Great Smelling Home


Camphor is a waxy solid with strong methol-like aroma. I have used and can vouch for its power to remove bad odors in the kitchen or store rooms.

You can use small chiplets of camphor and place them randomly in the corners of your kitchen or drop a few in the garbage bin. Ensure that you do not keep camphor near sources of fire. Camphor is flammable.

An option is to hang camphor filled pouches anywhere for a fresh smell all day. You can hang Camphor Cones in corners of room, cupboards, etc.

Another effective option is Incense Burner to burn camphor like an incense for immediate relief from foul smell.


I am into fengshui and from time to time I buy stuffs that have healing properties. And, one such purchase is "salt".

Salt is a naturally occurring earth's mineral. And, for years its healing and purifying power has been researched.

A handful of salt in a wooden bowl placed in all corners of a room, cures and absorbs all the negative energies of that room. Remember to throw and refill your salt bowls every week for a constant flow of positive energy.

Healing salts are different from those that are used for culinary. The Himalayan Salt is a specialized product to improve the air quality of the room and house.

There are creative ideas and ways to use salt in your house. Salt Lamps are a innovative way to home d├ęcor. The Salt Lamp is a large salt chunk shaped and made for room illumination.

When lit, the heat increases the ability of salt to naturally clean the air and provide a nice cozy light.


Oil diffusers are an excellent way to bring in peace and tranquility in your zone. Be it home, office or just your room where you wish to sit and relax, using a diffuser is an easy method to spread fragrance from an essential oil and make the place smell heavenly.

Room Mist is a modern choice that not only creates humidity in the dry climate and prevents skin from drying but the product has a great aesthetic appeal.

Reed diffuser is a cheaper alternative.

Diffuser oil burner is another option. Ceramic Aroma Diffuser with oil does the needful.

Ofcourse, you need an array of essential oils for each occasion.

So, camphor, salt and essential oils diffusers are my top 3 methods for a great smelling home. Incorporate them in your life as well and see the magic take place secretly!

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