Friday, 6 July 2018

Hurray !!! 100 Posts in Spices n Secrets

Hello all,

Today I am so happy and elated to tell that Spices n Secrets has now 100 posts. I cannot imagine how much I wrote and want to do more.

Me Time was my first ever post published on 31 January 2018. It wasn't a well-structured write-up.  It was more like scribbling a thought in diary. I can make correction to it any day, but I wont because it reminds me how much I have grown in writing skills.

What started in January has now become part of my daily schedule. If I am not writing then I am thinking or scribbling in my notepad about what the next topic should be.

Blogging as been both of a challenge and something I look forward to each day. I have unproductive days when my baby wont give any time and be demanding. And, then I have days that are truly rewarding and I can publish 3 posts in one afternoon.

Why the Name - Spices n Secrets?

Before when I was blogging unprofessionally I handled 4 blogs, namely,
  1. Sweet Beginnings
  2. Perfecting my Parenting
  3. Researching International Relations
  4. The Perfect Home
Then, an idea occurred to me to combine all 4 and turn them into a website. While, buying a domain I thought for days about what name shall I give to my website. What name will represent my topics in the best way. And, yet the name has to be intriguing and generates curiosity.

So, one evening "Spices n Secrets" struck me. Spices because I share my self-perfected recipes at home and Secrets because parenting, home and relationships are things that needs loving care and tender touch for it to grow and shine. And its the little secrets that has worked for me is what I write and share.

What is SnS about?

SnS is a bit of everything that I love.
  • I talk about food Recipes that are both for party and everyday meals. Baking is my passion and I bring in a lot of cake recipes.
  • Parenting topic began to interest me as soon as I became a mom. The trials and errors that I and my husband have made and still making, and the successes somewhere is what I have tried to write.
  • Travelling I and my husband have always loved and it struck him to write posts that are travel guides and gives information of place, how to reach, hotels, sightseeing and local food. So, he has been my inspiration on writing travelogues. So, most inputs on this topic comes from him.
  • Being a woman how can I overlook makeup and skincare. With time, I have come to know how skin issues occur and what its remedies are. So, I dabble a bit on this topic and offer simple organic and natural ways to become beautiful and healthy.
  • Simple Pleasures is about celebrating life. It a miscellaneous bag of discussions that interests me like marriage, relationships, home d├ęcor, DIYs, etc.
  • The topic on International Relations is a bit of an odd to this mix but I cannot keep it away. I treat SnS as a place to showcase my published articles as well as provide some useful tips for aspiring scholars in the field of politics. Most of the motivation has come from Quora where young students ask in greater detail to me about JNU, doctoral thesis, writing and studying international relations. So, they are my main readers of  this topic.

What's Next?

Too many ideas. Too many topics. And I want to write it all.