Sunday 15 July 2018

Refreshing Anti-Blemish Facial Serum

After I started whipping up my own face creams at home, that are preservative free and chemical free, I have never bought any store bought cream till date.

However, I have an oily skin and both of my concoctions Face Repair and Replenish Cream and Homemade Nourishing Winter Face Cream are best suited for the colder and drier months.

This got me thinking, that I must make something that is summer friendly, when the skin does need moisture but minus the heavy oily feeling.

So, here it is. A refreshing facial serum that has the goodness of Orange Oil, spot-reduction power of Rosehip Seed Oil and anti-ageing properties of Argan oil.

This serum is refreshing on your senses, I mean, imagine wrapping yourself in the scent of oranges. It is light. And, absorbs beautifully into a freshly scrubbed face and neck.

For storage, I used an oil medicine glass bottle and at a time I use only 0.25 ml. That way, the serum is not oily on my skin.

I have found this serum to be best at night before sleep. I wake up to a really baby soft blemish free skin.

Ingredients for 30ml bottle:

  1. 4 tsp. almond oil
  2. 3 tsp. jojoba oil
  3. 2 tsp. argan oil
  4. 1 tsp. rosehip seed oil
  5. 20-30 drops of orange oil
  6. Enough coconut oil to fill the bottle


Sterilize and dry a dark color bottle. Preferably glass bottle or jar or container.
Add in all the ingredients and shake lightly.
Your Anti-Blemish and Refreshing Facial Serum is ready for usage.


  • Whenever you are purchasing essential oils ensure that it is for skin. Read the instructions and guidelines so that you do not make the mistake of applying an oil meant for room fragrance/diffuser. The products I have mentioned in the ingredients list are genuine and meant for therapeutic purpose.
  • Other than orange essential oil, all oils are fragrance free. So, instead of orange you can use any fragrance oil to suit your liking.
  • Orange is very refreshing in smell. It is a natural anti-depressant, relieves stress, relieves physical fatigue, and has aphrodisiac properties. Orange oil is also antiseptic and therefore cures acne and pimples in the long run. However, orange like any other citrus fruit is light sensitive: one must not apply light sensitive or phototoxic oils and creams, and expose themselves to sun. Citrus oils reacts negatively to sun's UV radiation and causes skin damage like redness, burns and blisters. So, like I mentioned in the introduction, I use this facial serum at night. And I use it in the day if I am going to be indoors.
  • After buying all the ingredients the money spent will make this serum seem expensive and one may be tempted to purchase a store bought cream or serum. But the homemade serum uses very little amount from each of the purchased item. As a result, all the oils and fragrances can used to make atleast 15 containers of 50 gms size.

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