Monday, 2 July 2018

10 Items for a Fun Desert Trip and Jungle Safari

So, you planned a trip to desert or safari adventure?

And now you are pondering over what essentials to pack after you are done with your clothes?

Well, packing for a desert or safari is little different from packing a beach bag.

Below is a bold and comprehensive list of items that I have found most useful in my trips to Rajasthan and Ranthambore. While, Rajasthan was planned in December, we did meet warm climate there. And, Ranthambore was toured in the semi hot month of April.

So, lets get started with my "10 Items for a Fun Desert Trip and Jungle Safari"

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  1. DSLR Camera - mobile phones with camera may come and go, but one cannot replace a DSLR Camera. Do you agree? Canon EOS 1300D 18MP comes in a low-budget range, has excellent picture quality, easy for amateurs, has inbuilt Wifi and NFC features. Nikon D5300 24MP has a good battery life, upgraded quality and blurring facility in images, and inbuilt picture effects feature as well. For those who are ready to make an investment then go for Canon EOS 80D 24 MP which provides its owners quality images in dim light settings, inbuilt Wifi and compatibility with smartphones with a Connect App to set apertures, shutter speed, focus etc, HDR movie quality and creative filters.
  2. Selfie Stick - there are a few things that DSLR camera cannot give and that is a good selfie! The BlitzWolf Selfie Stick cum Tripod, Amazonbasics Waterproof Floating Grip are good buys.
  3. Powerbank - you can never be sure of the electricity conditions outside. Carry a fully charged powerbank and be sorted. The Mi 10000AH has been our friend in all holidays till date. And it has never failed us.
  4. Sunscreen - Imagine going outside fresh and dressed, and the blazing hot sun scorching your skin. Sunscreen is a must in desert type of locales because often after neglecting our skin we bring home freckles and pigmentation that are long-lasting and do not go away with facials. Jungle Safaris are best in the mornings and it continues till 10-11 am. Sunburns are worst during those hours and you don't want to spoil your tour because of burning or over-tanned skin issues. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 50 is thick and best for face and neck. While, Nivea SPF 30 and Biotique Morning Nectar SPF 30 are lotions and ideal for areas like hands and legs.
  5. Stole/Scarf - Jungle safari in forest and desert safari in sand are both day time outdoor activities. Definitely save your skin with some light stole and scarfs. Weavers Villa Soft Wraps and Style Veda Unisex Scarf Set of 3 are good inexpensive options in printed and plain colors. Please do not make the mistake of carrying expensive and fancy stuffs with beads and embroidery. The aim is to rough use them, tie head, wrap around neck, etc.
  6. Sunglasses - Whether its style or comfort, sunglasses are great for long vacations and short weekend tours. Whatever be your style and lens color, ensure that you own UV protection ones.
  7. Skin Care Products - whether I am going to stay in an expensive hotel or a camp in forest, I always carry skincare products that I and my husband is accustomed to. My favorites both at home and vacations are Oriflame Tropical Fruits Face Wash, Scrub, Cream and Mask Kit, Nivea Men Grooming Kit, Moms Co. Protein Hair Wash and Conditioner. Also, don't forget the lips and carry a lipbalm. I love colorless variant just because if I want color then I would go for lipstick. But if its chapped lips and I want hydration then clear lipbalms are best and colorless lipbalm can be offered to men as well. My best bet has been Carmex Medicated, and Oriflame Tender Care Honey.
  8. Hats - hats are cool  and adds to style. Pick up a Fedora Hat or Long Brim Sun Hat or a Sporty Baseball One.
  9. Shoes - both desert and jungle requires you to be comfortable and sporty. Carry shoes that are covered, waterproof and can withstand heat and rugged terrain.
  10. Foldable Chair - this might seem unnecessary, but once when we went for a rafting trip and an uncle took his chair out from car and smartly sat near the river bank, we were amazed at how comfortable he was at a time when we were all adjusting on rocks and sand. Right away I bought Coleman Quad Chair that is foldable, is padded, has a cup holder, side pockets and arm rests. Its one of our fabulous purchases.

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