Wednesday 22 August 2018

Introducing Toddlers to Stories that are Beyond Fairy Tales

Introducing my baby to books was not a conscious decision for us as I myself love to read and have a fairly good collection of books in my home.

However, one conscious thing we do is buy her books from time to time as presents instead of toys.

She does know the concept of books such as books are not something that is scrolled up and down to reveal new things or flashes light and sound which happens in laptops, mobiles and tablets. Books are kept and arranged nicely and placed on clean surfaces. And, also that books are supposed to be kissed and bowed if accidently fallen to the ground.

Often my baby sees me sitting and reading a book and herself wants to touch and open books that are lying around.

Recently, my husband went out of town and while coming back he bought an interesting book called Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

More than her, I really got excited to read it.

The personalities mentioned in this book are astonishing. I felt so aware after learning about so many famous women of all time and their deeds.
For children, this book is aptly perfected.

There are exactly 100 women whose life's history and remarkable works have been narrated in just one page with a big bright photo.

Written in simple English and easy to understand, I have begin to love this book and waiting Daisy to read it when her time comes.

At the age of 14 months, my toddler is far from having any patience and all she does is flip page after page and gaze at the photographs. She only allows me 5 seconds to read the names and nationality of each woman.

However I am satisfied with it. Atleast she is introduced to something I wasn't. All I read and heard in my childhood was fairy tales of princess and kings that only fantasied love and romance.

Check them out for your kids too!
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