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Top 10 Baby Products That Turns Out Most Useful in the First Year

I started shopping for my baby when she wasn't even born. I made lists after lists and wishlists in shopping apps for days.

And, then my baby happened and of my friends as well.

Now, our babies are a year old. Most of the products we purchased has been very useful but some hasn't.

And this got me thinking about what has been our good versus bad purchases since the past year.

So, lets begin with "Top 10 Baby Products That Turns Out Most Useful in the First Year" !

  1. Utility Baskets - when you have a baby suddenly time gets shortened, you have to be alert, swift and safe. Imagine your baby needs a diaper change or the milk you were feeding gets spilled, if a cloth or bib is not at an arms reach, havoc will take place. In such situations, get yourself some baskets like I did. I bought the Baskets with Lids and placed them on my bed-side table. This comes in a set of 3 and are of varying sizes which turned out to be good purchase because I stored diapers in one, bibs in another and medicines, tonics and other medical supplies in another. Keeping baskets also ensured that my room was not disorganised and looked clutter-free. Earlier all our medicines, syrup bottles, thermometer, handkerchiefs, etc. remained scattered and the room seemed very untidy. Moreover, the lids act as a good protection from dust to settle on your baby's products and clothes. Being made from plastic, the baskets are super easy to wash whenever you feel like.
  2. Crib-cum-Craddle - babies love motion. Why? Because they are used to the feeling of movements and jerks from being in your tummy for nine months. And I saw its proof, when I kept my baby in a stationery place like bed and when I put her in a swinging cradle. She quickly loved the feel of cradle and slept far more better in it than in a bed. I bought for her Swing Cradle and was sorted for 5-6 months. It was only after she started to sit up on her own and wanted to crawl, the cradle became unsuitable and we stopped using it. Prior to it, my baby loved this cradle. She slept in the afternoons in it. The battery operated music is very soothing to the baby and us. And, the additional pillow and belt provided with the cradle made my purchase worth. While, it would have been good if there were wheels but being lightweight, the cradle was somewhat okay to shift from room to room.
  3. Cot - Cot is a baby bed which some of my friends have found most useful after their babies turned 6 months. The Wooden Cot with Mattress is a good choice as the baby sleeps comfortably and after adding the cot bedding to its sides, the problem of baby trying to get legs and hands out was also solved. After the baby starts to gain strength in their legs, the high railing provides a good motivation for them to stand on their own. With a few adjustments, the baby cot can be easily attached to the parent's master bed and you can co-sleep without feeling a lack of space in your bed.
  4. Bath Tub - I was very clear on the kind of bath tub I wanted. So, when I saw the BatherI knew I have to buy it. My prime demand was that I don't want the baby to sit throughout bath time in the dirty soapy water. I wanted something in which the water continues to drain out. This chair-cum-tub turned out the best and I still continue to use it.
  5. Pram - Prams are great for outings in park, shopping malls or in tours. They are foldable, easy to carry and assemble, and provides comfort and safety to your baby. While, buying we understood a difference between pram and stroller. Pram is more cushioned than stroller. And, stroller is suitable for slightly elder ones, say 8-9 months or more. Pram specially can be made into a bed, given a shade and baby can sleep like its in a cradle. The Stroller/Pram has such a modern design and look. It converts into bed, chair and recliner effortlessly.
  6. High Chair - feeding your baby is a chore. And, you can ease it by putting them on a high chair. However, keep in mind that baby is ready for high chair or anything to sit in upright position only when they have a strong neck and head control, and can sit stable for long on their own or with a back support. Before this, do not force your baby to sit in anything besides your lap or pillows during meal time. We bought the High Chair and began using it after my baby turned 8-9 months. A feeding chair like this gives her an idea that its mealtime. Also, using such practices will develop good eating etiquettes in your child from an early stage. The tray in front is detachable and washed, so at times you can place bits of fruits and veggies for them to eat on their own.
  7. Mosquito Net - One of the biggest problems we faced was keeping mosquitoes away from my baby. The repellent vaporizers are a complete no-no because they are poisonous and should not be inhaled by newborns. Same goes for repellent creams and lotions on baby's sift skin. We found that a good protection net is best. We bought two kinds and both have been very useful in the first year. For home we used the Mosquito Net Mattress in which you place the baby and zip the net. This was helpful both at home and during vacations. The baby was protected from the germs and bugs of hotel beds and while you are sleeping and baby takes a turn, baby will not come out of the confines of the net in any case.
  8. Carrier - Baby carriers are quite travel friendly. We used carrier till my baby turned 7 months. After that the baby begins to gain much weight and carriers put a lot of pressure on the guardian's shoulders and back. But, prior to that stage, baby carriers are great because it frees the hands and arms. I could easily carry and have a walk in the park, go to grocery store and shop in malls without anyone to carry my baby or shopping bags. The Baby Carrier is a good option as it has a lot of safety belts to harness the baby, pockets for keeping knick-knacks, baby can sit facing you or out, and finally there is a hoodie which is not available in other variants of baby carriers.
  9. Playmat - these are special musical mats for babies that have not started to crawl but are very active with legs and hands. The Kick and Play Piano Gym can be used as soon as you feel the baby is ready for laying down on floor and is making a lot of kicks. The dandling toys and piano keeps the baby engaged for hours. The mat itself is made of plastic and so is washable.
  10. Playpen - after 6-7 months when your baby has begun to crawl, keeping them unattended is impossible. And, while you think you can engage them with toys or musical items, they will try to get out your way and hurriedly explore the whole house. Which is okay. But image you have some household chores then what? In such situations, keeping the baby/toddler in an enclosed area along with toys and other things of their interests, is a good idea. The Baby Room is great for placing both indoors and outdoors. Infact, two or more kids can be placed inside and they can safely play without getting out of your vision.
So, these were my top 10 baby products that I have found most useful for babies below 1 year. Each item eases the life of the parents and other caretakers, and doesn't let the safety and comfort of baby compromised.

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