Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Best Planners for 2019

Planning your day, month or even a year ahead is something that everyone does.

But rarely we all do it structurally.

I always planned and sometimes took the effort to write my To-Do Lists, but it wasn't ever a routine for me. Not until I gifted myself a beautiful planner-cum-journal.

I realized the power of writing and more so the zeal to write in a diary that is date-wise, week-wise and topic-wise structured.

Planners are very different from the boring diaries. And, nowadays the gamut of planners/journals that are available online are bound to make you own one.

I bring to you my top favorite Planners for you to either gift yourself or others for 2019.

Happy Planner 18-Month July 2018-December 2019

Shipped straight from USA, this planner will take care of not just 2019 but this year as well. It has to-be-filled areas under each month which is thoughtfully color coordinated according to each season of the year.

A treat to the eyes and writer experience, the Happy Planner is organized, colorful and a large size journal for all those you have tons to note.

Interestingly, the Happy Planner can be accompanied with a Set of Me & My Big Ideas Stickers. The stickers are around 1350 and helps the writer be more creative in their journal writing each day.

In fact, the stickers act as word replacement. For instance, if you have planned a date-night or want to give a heading of "Urgent" for a particular day, just use a sticker for it and make your week's planning stand out.

Black Small Diary-cum-Organizer with Pen

Very business-type formal looking planner for those who have discussion points, financial expenses, name and addresses, and reminders to note.

The additional features are card slots for either credit cards or visiting cards.

Blue Sky Planner 2018-2019

Extremely functional and visually clear layout, this planner is best for detailed scheduling of To-Dos and events.

You can easily carry it for your office, school, college or keep at home and track your activities.

One of the interesting pages is where the planner starts to introspect you by asking you questions like What are your Personal Goals? Goals towards family, friends and finance?

It also has sections where you can fill in your morning and evening routine.

I mean just keep on exploring and you will love working with this planner.

Weekly and Monthly Planner

A classy one is this in which you can write for each day as well as for each week and month. There is a holidays list and calendar of 2019. Best for client and business gifting.

Q&A a Day: 5 Year Journal

Ambitious people always ask, "So, where do you see yourself 5 years from now?"

You can very well answer this question by looking back how your thoughts, tasks and goals have been 5 years back. You can check what all you have achieved and what all needs to be done with this one of a kind planner-cum-journal.

Each page is a new day and the journal asks you a new question.

Over a period of 5 years, you will develop a healthy mindful habit of sitting with this journal.

Q&A a Day for Moms: 5 Year Journal

Inspired from the above mentioned journal, the same company brings out another edition of its 5 Year Journal and this time for Mothers.

Needless to say the questions caters to the feelings, life and emotions of a mum.

I think it is a valuable Christmas or Birthday gift to any mum out there. She can document so many of her happy moments.

And the questions are so thoughtful. For instance, "One smell I associate with my child right now is? or "What is getting easier nowadays?" These are very thought provoking questions and never have I seen someone asking me it personally.

So, these were my 6 Best Planners for 2019. Some of which are not time or year bound while others are committed to dates and months of 2019.

Being organized is more better than bad. Having a nicer planner excites you and makes you want to plan.

I am not going into the discussion on saving paper and using technology for making notes and reminders, simply because I love my hard and soft bound notebooks and pencils. I feel secure, comfortable and will to write more than type in laptop and mobile phone apps.

If you feel the same then check out which planner suits you the best. And may 2019 turns out a productive one for you!

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