Tuesday 23 October 2018

Best Planners for 2020

Planning your day, month or even a year ahead is something that everyone does.

But rarely we all do it structurally.

I always planned and sometimes took the effort to write my To-Do Lists, but it wasn't ever a routine for me. Not until I gifted myself a beautiful planner-cum-journal.

I realized the power of writing and more so the zeal to write in a diary that is date-wise, week-wise and topic-wise structured.

Planners are very different from the boring diaries. And, nowadays the gamut of planners/journals that are available are bound to make you own one.

I bring to you my top favorite Planners for you to either gift yourself or others for 2020.


So, these are the Best Planners. Some of which are not time or year bound while others are committed to dates and months.

I am not going into the discussion on saving paper and using technology for making notes and reminders, simply because I love my hard and soft bound notebooks and pencils. I feel secure, comfortable and will to write more than type in laptop and mobile phone apps.

If you feel the same then check out which planner suits you the best. And may 2020 turns out a productive one for you!

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