Tuesday 16 October 2018

Handbag Essentials for a Baby During Festivals

I love making checklists for any kind of outdoor activity, tours and excursions. And, that is the only way in which I feel sorted.

I am a Bengali and Durga Puja is on its peak right now.

Managing a 15 month toddler and her needs is a task for me. She is very active, very cranky and very fun-loving. Basically, everything to the max!

Taking her to Pandals, walking her through the humongous traffic of people and cars, and seeking options for her comfort more than mine, has led me to think that every mom needs to have a handbag that is big, versatile and is more useful than beautiful!

I have never bought and used a Diaper Bag just because I don't like to carry cute, colorful, cartoony baby bags that shouts diapers and bibs. I am rather better carrying a large formal handbag with lots of compartments and zips.

Now lets get on with my Top Handbag Essentials for a Baby During Festivals !

  1. Lots of Diapers - I put on my baby 2 variants of diapers - taped and pant. And, I will recommend you doing so as well because if you continue to use one kind then babies begin to prefer that over time and then imagine your local store running out of your-choice-of-diapers or you fell short and the one who is lending a diaper is giving a kind you have never used. Your baby is cranky, doesn't want to wear it. So, save yourself from such situations and make your baby used to all kinds of diapers. Coming back to what to carry in handbag, this is the festival season. Durga Puja days are jampacked. Morning and evening we are outdoors. I always carry a minimum of 4 diapers if I am out for 3-6 hours. I may don't need even 1 but carrying 4 just puts me at ease. You can carry more if you change diapers every 2 hours.
  2. Wet Wipes - Needless to say wet wipes are a life saver. Just pull out a few wet tissues and wipe your baby's bottom and throw it. Being baby skin friendly these are meant for not just bottom cleaning but also face, hands and whole body. Imagine when your baby did a vomit, you can easily wipe with wet wipes their whole body and get ride of the yuck smell in seconds. Sometimes, I would clean my own sweaty face and neck.
  3. Bibs - Bibs must be plenty in your handbag. Just like diapers, I carry different kinds of bibs for different needs. Some are small cloths like the size of a napkin/handkerchief for normal wiping of face. And, some are towels like hand or face towel size. A lot of times babies get motion sickness in car. In Durga Puja the traffic on roads is unimaginable. Your car is moving slow and windows are rolled up to avoid dust and sound of the crowd. Or maybe you over fed them before venturing out. In such situations, babies get suffocated, dizzy and they vomit. So, towels are great to catch it.
  4. Plastic Bags - Carry some simple plastic bags or something that is waterproof for stuffing soiled/dirty diapers, vomit filled towels and used bibs, or for some food your baby ate but threw and you don't know where to dispose in car. So, plastic bags act as little garbage sack in your handbag and as soon as you reach home you dispose it.
  5. Snacks - small kids are hungry. Its better to pack something to nibble on the way, in car or in the pandal. Havoc takes place when your kid is super hungry, you are stuck in traffic jam and cannot stop for a snack from a shop. Just keep a tiny tiffin box and carry their favorite wafers, cookies, etc. that can keep well in the room temperature. Do not carry stuff that needs refrigeration. Keep their water bottles and sippers in your handbag.
  6. Extra Clothes - babies vomit and most of the time before I can catch it in a towel, the dress is already soiled. And, then I need another dress. So, I learnt my lesson the hard way and always carry 2 extra dresses. Even if not vomit, toddlers run and their clothes can get dirty by falling on ground. So, an extra t-shirt and shorts or frock doesn't take much space in your handbag.
  7. Toys - My girl doesn't love a specific toy and neither needs to have toys near her at all times, so I have never felt the need to carry her toys in any of our trips. But I would recommend toys to those parents who see their babies liking a particular toy, especially when they cry and after seeing that toy they remain quiet.
  8. Stole - Its getting colder nowadays. But a jacket is too much. Yet, when we are in pandals late night, the open air isn't good for your baby. Wrapping them in a light stole/shawl is a good decision.
So, these were my 8 essentials for this festival season that needs to be in your handbag for a fuss free and pleasurable outing with babies and toddlers.

You maybe thinking the items are a lot and cannot fit into one handbag. But if noticed carefully then all the items are small in size or can be easily folded to stuff in a medium size handbag. I do it and so can you.

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