Tuesday 30 October 2018

Snippet from my Diary: Baby Daisy at 7 Months

"Daisy is becoming quite a handful nowadays.
The cold winter days has restricted our movements outside. Daisy loves being outside and the current situation is bugging her.
She has become cranky. Sleeps less and has a weak sleep. Even a slight sound can wake her and the disturbed sleep makes her wail.
Daisy is also waking up 5-6 times a night. I reckon that the more she is growing, her appetite and thirst at night is increasing.
Thankfully she is eating very well. Daisy loves vegetable purees and her favorite being - carrots.
Interestingly, she has a strong dislike for rice. I noticed it when I saw that she ate dal but not khichri. She eats potato but hates when mashed with rice.
Daisy loves wheat. I make for her Wheat Halwa either with formula milk or apple sauce, and she gobbles it all up.
I haven't started with her any packaged food item from shop. I aim to feed her pure homemade food. At the most I give her a day old puree (that was frozen) but nothing older than that.
Sabya puts Daisy to sleep most nights and has met success in adapting to new baby holding techniques. Earlier he felt comfortable in only one position despite it hurting his back and neck. Now he easily carries her in a variety of positions.
Daisy has started to shift places when lying down. I just cannot leave her alone on bed for a second. She is getting super energetic and playful."


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