Friday 5 October 2018

Step-by-Step Skincare Made Easy

Everyone talks about skincare but seldom we discuss the how-to of skincare and what products to use.

Today, I present a step-by-step procedure of skincare or a facial routine that you can perform on your lazy and free days or the weekends!

Lets begin!

Step 1. Wash

Face wash is essential before beginning any form of skincare because you need a clean slate to work on. Face wash helps remove toxins, excess oil and leaves your face smooth and fresh. 

Step 2. Mist

Mist is great for instant hydration. Not just after a face wash, you can actually use mist anytime of the day or night. A spray comes in an easy spray bottle and helps in removing sweat and provides a bright looking skin.

Step 3. Scrub

Scrubs are essential for not just facial skin but for the body because the dead skin cells need to be removed to reveal fresh and smoother skin underneath. Once a week or depending upon your skin type, use a good face scrub that is gentle yet effective on your skin. Take your time in scrubbing your face and neck in circular motions. Give extra attention to your nose and corners of it as most the dirt accumulates around that area. After a wash, you will definitely feel a marked difference in the texture of your skin. 

Step 4. Pack

Face packs and masks are like skinfoods. You apply and leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes. Wipe off and reveal a new, hydrated and fresh feeling skin. 

Step 5. Toner

Toner is essential after wash, scrubbing and masking. Your skin pores are open and it is a must to close them and get your skin prepared for moisturization. A Toner is extremely calming on skin, maintains pH balance and is super hydrating on skin after application. Use toner on a cotton pad and apply in upward motion. Toner is not a cleanser so do not be harsh with it and rub your skin. Press the toner-filled cotton pad gently on skin and let your skin dry naturally. 

Step 6.  Serum

Serum is a new trend. Its lighter than cream and lotion and sinks into skin immediately. For dry skin types, using serum before any cream will act as an extra dose of hydration and help in preventing dry skin condition when outdoors.

Step 7. Eye Cream

Eye cream before face moisturizer is like giving extra attention to your under eyes and providing the right kind of treatment to that sensitive skin. Just take less than a pea size amount of eye cream and massage gently. I love to store my eye cream in fridge for an instant cooling and relaxing effect.

Step 8. Cream

Time for deep moisturization. Choose a face cream that is very hydrating on skin and caters to your needs. Take a pea size amount and massage your facial skin and neck.
So, these were my 8 essential skincare steps that should form part of a routine every week. Once you begin your skin will not require facials from parlors. At the comfort of your home and hygiene of your fingers you will be using your own products at your own pace.
Enjoy and banish tired looking skin forever!

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