Wednesday, 5 December 2018

5 Items You Need to Baby Proof Your House

Baby Proof means that a baby is safe to crawl, walk and run in a place and there is no fear of getting hurt.

Just when your baby is beginning to crawl, or has started to walk, areas like staircase, bedside, nooks-n-corners are all dangerous for them.

So, we need some helpful items that make a house babyproof.


Latches keep the drawers, fridge, toilet seat or any cabinet doors locked. Adults can easily open it by pressing the mechanism. Even Sliding Lock that doesn't need to stick to the cabinet/cupboard is a good option.

Door Stoppers

These are necessary because kids have a fun time at opening and closing a door. Do not wait for a situation when the door gets jammed and locked with your kid inside. Just use these cute looking Door Stoppers and prevent your kid from playing with a door or getting their tiny fingers hurt.

Corner Safety

Some of the otherwise most harmless areas can be very hazardous for kids. Bed and table corners especially. Install some Corner Protectors all around the house and be stressfree. However, if you have large areas or want custom length cuts then a Corner Safety Roll will be best. You can line the whole length of your furniture with it.


This product is essential if you live in a large house or have staircase. Installing a Safety Gate will be good decision to prevent any accidental falling down the stairs. And not just for staircase trouble, but areas like you would not want your kid to enter like kitchen, bathroom, storeroom, balcony, etc. can be easily kept our of kid's reach. Additionally you can install a Safety Net around your staircase railings to prevent toddlers to stick their head inside or trying to crawl inbetween railings.


Playpens keep baby enclosed. It is a kind of area with railings all around them. You can place not just your kid in that, but a few friends, toys, pillows, etc. for them to enjoy for hours while you are busy in household work.

So, these were my 5 suggestions on baby-proofing a house. A constant eye on kid's safety is every parent/guardians' intention, but is not possible. These products take care of those concerns.

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