Thursday, 3 January 2019

7 Activities in Jodhpur Your Family Will Love

Rajasthan is a fantastic place to visit alone, as a couple or with family. It has something for all age groups.

From great tasting vegan and non-vegetarian dishes to handicraft, colorful clothes and home d├ęcor items to adventure sports and animal rides, Rajasthan has so much to offer.

Jodhpur is one of the cities and an awesome tourist spot of Rajasthan.

Something striking about Jodhpur is the patent light blue color houses found all over the city, making Jodhpur The Blue City of India.

With plenty of budget friendly as well as luxury hotels available, Jodhpur definitely is a must visit for all travel buffs.

Ensure that you travel in the colder months because it is a dessert and absolutely unbearable in the summer season.

Coming to why I am such a fan of Jodhpur and the 7 activities in Jodhpur your family will love, scroll more!
  1. Leisure Seekers - Heritage hotels are plenty in India. They offer royal-like stay and treatment. Slightly expensive but worth, heritage hotels in Jodhpur are a must. Balsamand Lake Palace, Ajit Bhawan, Rankanka Palace, Jhalalmund Garh, Hotel Raas, Fort Chanwa, Bijolai Palace and many more. They have beautiful lawns and sitting arrangements with bonfire for chilly evenings, swimming pools and open lounge, terrace that provides unhindered view of the city, rooms that are so artfully done and maintained, elegant corridors that speaks history, and so much more. If you are lucky you may even get to meet and chat with some of the members of the royal clan who still reside in those heritage hotels.

  2. Walk Yours Kids Through History - Visiting monuments and forts is a great way to teach kids about Indian history that they are learning through books in school. History is fascinating but only when you try to make it. Make history an Outside the Classroom Activity and take your kids from an early age to see historical monuments and museums that build up thoughts and questions in their minds. The Mehrangarh Fort, Khejarla Fort, Moti Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Phool Mahal and Jaswant Thada are grand areas that attract tourists from all over the world.

  3. Enter Palace-cum-Museum-cum-Heritage Hotel - Umaid Bhawan is one such heritage hotel in Jodhpur that is open in the daytime for common visitors for a museum tour and is open for guests for the ultimate luxury stay.
  4. Adventure Sports - For those who seek adventure, Jodhpur offers Flying Fox. It is a thrilling zipline activity that takes around 1-2 hours to complete. With 8-9 ziplines for each adventurist to glide, Flying Fox in Mehrangarh Fort is very popular among teenagers and adults.
  5. Local Cuisine Tasting - While you will easily get the usual Indian dishes and vegetarians will never have any problem with adjusting to the food in Jodhpur, some local Rajasthani food is also wonderful. Dishes like Lal Maas, Gutte ki Sabzi, Ker Sangri, Bajre ki Roti, etc. are available in almost all small and big eateries, and your family is sure to ask for more.
  6. Sand - Who doesn't want to become a child and want to play with sand! Just a few kilometres away from the main city of Jodhpur, a place called Osian gives a similar kind of dessert experience that Jaisalmer offers. Although the area is slightly smaller, but it is no less fun. Osian has camel rides, jeep safari and dirt bikes. For all the photography buffs, this place is ecstatic! You can either book a complete package that includes jeep safari, camel ride and dirt bike to experience the excitement of this location or just ask a tour guide/driver to direct you at the sand dunes and enjoy a quiet time relaxing on sands.
  7. Visit Tribal Village and Meet Artisans - The Guda Bishnoi Village is famous in Jodhpur for preserving the Bishnoi tribals and their lifestyle. A jeep will take to you to a village safari and you will get to meet the villagers, interact with them, sit for a tea, and even see their means of livelihood. You can lend a hand at making some potteries, fabric painting and can even buy it from them.
Just make a plan and go for these activities in Jodhpur!


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