Saturday 30 March 2019

Basil Seeds and How to Consume Them

I am always looking for healthy food options which are A) locally/easily available and B) affordable. No point in eating something like blueberries in India where measly 20 grams of fruit costs 450 INR.

Recently, I read about chia and basil seeds. I was never aware of its health properties and therefore never bothered to pick a packet of it when in market.

But I wanted to start out with basil first.

Benefits of basil seeds:
  • No calorie
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Helps control diabetes
  • Natural laxative
  • Full of dietary fibre. So, prevents hunger
  • Rich in alpha-linolenic acids due to Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Natural coolant for body. Best for hotter months and preventing heat stroke
  • Neutralizes acid and relieves stomach burn
  • Great collagen booster for skin and hair. Helps in new cells regeneration
  • Rich in iron and protein
From the first day itself of preparing and eating, basil seeds have become my favorite. Surprisingly cheap in cost, basil seeds are easy and has almost become a part of my diet every single day.

One of the excellent things about eating basil seeds is the way it can be eaten.

Just 1 hour soaking in plain drinking water, the basil seeds swell up and done! Its ready for consumption!

But how to eat it?

Being 100% neutral in taste, you can practically throw in basil seeds into anything you eat. It doesn't change the taste of your dish.
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However, I would like to warn that basil seeds when soaked and bloomed are spongy tiny balls. Recall the texture and gelatinous feel of Sabudana or Tapicoa Pearls in your mouth. Its exactly like that. So, if you are not a fan of Sabudana, you will dislike basil seeds as well.

I have tried a few different ways to include basil seeds into my diet.
  1. Since there is no issue of combining it with milk and yogurt, I have taken a spoonful of bloomed basil seeds into cornflakes/oats/muesli bowl.
  2. I have added it to salads.
  3. Made a glass of juice and added 1-2 spoonfuls of bloomed basil seeds.
However, my most favorite and effective way of consuming basil seeds is adding it to my drinking water.

Each morning, I take one litre bottle. Fill it with drinking water and drop a teaspoon amount of raw (un-bloomed) basil seeds. This water bottle I make just for myself and keep drinking throughout the day.

This has proved to be the easiest way to include basil seeds daily in my system.

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