Friday, 8 March 2019

How to Rock Holi This Year

Holi is a fun filled Indian festival.

Colors, water, sweets, music and parties is what Holi is all about.

However, to really rock Holi you definitely need the following stuffs!

Glitter Gulal - move to more jazzy colors with glittering powder colors

Herbal Gulal - safe and skin friendly dry colors

Water Balloons with Pump

Auto Fill Water Balloons - fill a bunch of water balloons at one go!

Pichkari Tank - the kiddy boys will love it

Barbie Pichkari Tank - for little princesses

Holi T-Shirt - make a cool statement with slogan t-shirts

Holi T-Shirt for Baby/Toddler - gift a toddler

Baby Onesie - gift a newborn with "My First Holi"dress

Party Props/Photo Booth - planning a huge get-together? Get some party props for photo sessions

T-Shirt Combo for Man-Woman - get in lovey-dovey mood

Holi Theme Tambola - have a gathering? get a party game!

Set of 3 Books on Holi to Teach Kids About this Festival

Gujiya Moulds - cannot make the traditional holi meethai? Get gujiya moulds

Kama Ayurveda Afterparty Skincare

Gift Combo - Cushon, Mug, Greeting card and Key Ring

Thandai Extract for Delicious Drink - just a few drops in your sweetened milk and have an instant thandai experience

Thandai Powder - Pista, Elaichi and Badam - stir a few tablespoons on chilled sweetened milk and serve thick thandai

Have a great Holi !

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