Tuesday 9 April 2019

DIY Rose Water Toner

Rose is such a pleasant and refreshing fragrance.

Whether it is for aroma therapy in homes and offices. Or gifting bunch of roses stems as good gesture. Roses delight everyone.

I am yet to meet someone who flinches at the smell of roses!

Rose also makes for really good skincare products. And, precisely for its elegant looks and beautiful shades of red and pink, roses are tirelessly advertised as beauty miracles and something that every woman must own in her vanity in some form or the other.

I myself have bought quite a few rose skincare products, lit rose candles and rose essential oils from time to time to bring in peace and tranquility in my otherwise chaotic lifestyle. And, it always helps.

Today, I am here to share a recipe of my DIY Rose Water Toner that has become such a success with me and my husband.

On a freshly washed face, spritzing chilled rose water toner has become our favorite nowadays. Especially, when the summer has hit us all like a bomb!

We let the toner evaporate on its own after spritzing and then apply our usual moisturizer. Sometimes I wouldn't bother with the moisturizer if I am feeling too hot and oily, and just enjoy the cool and fragrant toner on face.

Therefore, I will always advise to keep not just homemade toners and face mists but store-bought ones in the fridge as well.

Few additions I have made to the rose water like camphor and rose essential oil. Camphor is a coolant and has menthol like sensation on skin. It reduces skin itching and irritation as well as soothes burns. Camphor is also good for treating recurring acne and rashes. Since, the smell of camphor complements the fragrance of rose, putting camphor to rose water gave the toner added benefits. Secondly, rose essential oil is added to increase the benefits of rose in the toner and heighten its rosy fragrance. Ensure that you use essential oil for skin and not the one used for diffusers as room fresheners.

Camphor and rose essential oil are completely optional and you can omit if they are not easily available, rose toner can still be made at home using just dried roses and water.

Lets, begin preparing it!


  1. 220 ml drinking water
  2. one fist full dried rose buds/petals (get on Amazon)
  3. 1 camphor chiplet (get on Amazon)
  4. 2-3 drops rose essential oil (get on Amazon)
  5. an empty spray bottle (get on Amazon)


On low heat, simmer dried roses in water for 15 minutes or till water reduces to 200ml.
Cover the vessel to avoid escaping of the rose fragrance.
Switch off the heat, and let the water cool down completely.
Take empty spray bottle and sieve the rose water into it.
Drop in a camphor chiplet.
No need to crush or powder camphor.
Add few drops of rose essential oil.
Screw back the spray bottle and keep it refrigerated.
Its ready to use everyday and several times a day.

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