Sunday 15 December 2019

Facial Kit Review: Avocado Age Reverse Skin Nutrition

I love home facials and make sure to do one every month.

At home, doing one's own facial is not as rigorous as when a professional does in a parlor. So, once a month is absolutely fine.

In a look-out for a good facial kit I recently bought Cosmetofood's Avocado Age Reverse Skin Nutrition.

This mini facial kit includes 1 spray bottle (10ml) and 6 sachets (4ml each).

The company claims that its facial kit is vegan, gluten free and halal approved. In addition, the product is "Taste-able". I have never deliberately eaten any of the products from the sachets. But whatever seeped into mouth during facial, was not yummy or delectable. It rather tasted chemically. Frankly, it is fine because they are not food nd not supposed to taste good. I guess, what the company wanted to ensure is that even if consumed, there will not be any health hazard and that the facial kit is free from harmful chemicals.

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Step 1 - Micellar Water Cleanser

Spray onto face directly or drench a cotton pad with the product and then wipe your face. I have used it in both ways. The results is a refreshing feeling skin. The smell is fresh and it sets the mood for a beauty regime.

My face prior to facial was clean and therefore I could not see any visible dirt on the cotton pad after cleansing with the micellar water. However, I have used it for cleaning my makeup later on and it did a good job at cleaning the eye makeup.

Step 2 - Re-hydrating Probiotic Yogurt Cleanser

This is a cream based cleanser. Just as its name it smells, feels and looks like yogurt.

Massage it onto face and neck for 5 minutes and wipe with a wet cotton pad.

Step 3 - Soap-free Moisturizing Multi-Grain Exfoliator

Very unique and unexpected formulation, this scrub is not at all gritty/granular in texture. The base is made with Chickpea flour (aka besan) which naturally is smooth.

Yet, after scrubbing and washing, the face undoubtedly feels softer and free of dead skin cells.

However, it did irritate my sensitive areas like side of nose, cheeks and chin. And as recommended to scrub for 3-5 minutes, I could not tolerate it for more than 1 minute and washed off.

Step 4 - Vanilla & Tangerine Extract Brightening Cream

Smooth and creamy this massage cream is nourishing. The company recommends to use it for 15-20 minutes.

An additional step I included after massage is steaming. The product/company does not say anywhere to steam face. But steaming is a thing is always do after face massage.

Step 5 - Cinnamon Infused Avocado Pulp Rejuvenating Mask

The mask is slight minty green in color. Smooth and creamy, the mask does not dry the skin.

Step 6 - Pro-Collagen Quinoa Eye Treatment Mask

This step is unique as I have never come across any facial kit that includes 2 different masks.

This quinoa base mask is white in color and pleasant smelling. But being cream base and not multani mitti, this mask is smooth and does not dry off like a hard shell.

Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse off.

Step 7 - Green Tea & Aloe Vera Detoxifying Serum

One my most favorite products is this serum. Extremely refreshing in smell (lemon and fruits) the serum is water based and has a slight green color.

Upon drying the serum is not sticky and leaves the face with a slight sheen/glow.


  1. It is one facial kit which has 7 steps/products as opposed to other kits which have 4-5 steps.
  2. Each sachet can be used minimum 2 times.
  3. The ingredients used in each product is clearly mentioned and are such which we normally use from our kitchen.
  4. It does leave the skin soft and radiant.
  5. The quantity of  the micellar water is sufficient enough for 8-10 usages for makeup removal.


  1. The scrub and serum are two products that caused irritation on skin. But there was no allergic reaction or continued redness.
  2. The smell of the massage cream is just not pleasant.
  3. Avocado is not used persistently in all the steps/products. It is only present in face mask. As a result, calling it the star ingredient and naming the facial kit on it seems farcical.


There are a few different ranges from Cosmetofood facials. Do try them!


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