Monday 23 December 2019

Super Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

Now that my daughter, Daisy, is going to Pre-School, her very first celebration of any festival there is Christmas of 2019.

So, I found a note from her teacher that said - "Kindly send one simple inexpensive gift neatly wrapped to be exchanged with her classmate".

I do not know about my child, but I got excited!

Finally the years of art and craft started. I miss my days in school when I got to do lots of paper cutting, play with paints and stickers, and create wonderful things. With time and age, all this came to a halt until now when through my own child I am getting to relieve it.

What could have been a gift wrapped in gifting paper and handing it over to school teacher, it turned out to be something quite creative and thoughtful wrapping idea!
After I finished, my husband was remarked, "It's great but why you taking so much effort? A. the school did not demand any craft from home. And, B. the gift is not for Daisy. She will anyways be giving it away". To which I replied, "Yes this crossed my mind but its okay. Atleast she will make a lasting impression on teachers and classmates for bringing something unexpected and creative".

Anyways, I loved doing it and wanted to share with you all. The work done with black marker pen is by Daisy. Therefore, even if the outline seems imperfect, it is still good because she drew it.

Things You Will Need:

  1. Gift
  2. Red kite paper (get on Amazon)
  3. Scotch tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Red sparkle glue (get on Amazon)
  7. Marker pen
  8. Few leaves from a real Christmas Tree


Wrap the gift item in red kite paper.
Tape the corners with a scotch-tape.
With a thick-consistency glue make a Christmas tree on the gift.
Now tear pieces from the Christmas tree leaf and stick them.
Do not disturb till the glue completely dries off.
Now with a black marker pen, draw an outline of the Christmas tree and make whatever design/pattern you wish.
Dot some red sparkles on leaves to resemble berries.
That's it!
Your DIY Christmas Theme Gift Wrapping Project Done.
If you want this wrapping idea can be easily amped up. You can tie red and green ribbons, stick some Christmas decorations/stickers and so on.

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