Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Recipe 104: Seekh Kabab Stir Fry

So you have some random vegetables and seekh kabab or sausages in fridge and cannot decide how to prepare a meal out of it?

Worry not! With just  few ingredients and an interesting twist even the most mundane vegetables can turn out surprisingly good and delicious. Sharing my oft-repeated recipe that works excellently as a starter, side-dish to biryani and noodles, or even paratha rolls, Seekh Kabab Stir Fry is a must for all to try.

Great about this recipe is that it can be easily customizable. More or less or vegetables can be added. For instance, you can add French beans, mushrooms, boiled corn kernels, broccoli … basically anything you wish. And, the seekh kabab can be replaced with sausages, salami slices, ham.

Ingredients for 4 Servings:

  1. 1 cup chopped carrots
  2. 1 cup chopped onions
  3. 1 cup capsicum
  4. 1 cup baby corn
  5. 3-4 uncooked seekh kabab (either chicken or mutton) cut into 1 inch thick roundels
  6. 3 tbsp. tomato ketchup
  7. 3 tbsp. soy sauce
  8. 2 tbsp. green chilly sauce
  9. 1 tbsp. black pepper powder
  10. salt to taste
  11. vegetable oil for cooking


In a skillet, heat some oil.
Add onions, carrots and baby corn.
On high heat, fry till onions become translucent.
Add the sliced seekh kababs.
Cook till the meat is well cooked and has developed some color.
Now add capsicum, salt, tomato ketchup, soy sauce, black pepper power and green chilly sauce.
Stir for 2 minutes.
Switch off the heat and serve as a side dish for noodles or fried rice; filling for roll and wrap; or just as it is.


Seeking a fancy way to serve kababs?


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