Tuesday 7 April 2020

How I Engage Kid During Corona Stay-at-Home

In India, we are following state-imposed lockdown since 24 March 2020. But for me and my about-to-turn-3 year old Daisy, whose preschool closed in the beginning of March, the stay-at-home situation began much earlier.

With what started as a chaos mixed with anger and lack of me-time, the days have now come to a  routine. Moreover, with less than 2 week left for the lifting of quarantine, I am actually feeling sad and know I will be missing these one-of-a-kind weeks wherein the whole family stays at home and spends their time together.

It then dawned upon me to write about the ways in which I kept Daisy engaged at home.

Here is comprehensive list of activities that Daisy does at home. Hoping that they could inspire other moms and kids, this post can come handy for all the readers!

1. Exercise 

Mornings are made for exercise, yoga and stretching. If you do, so will your kid. Just spread your yoga mat, play some video and start. In minutes you will be accompanied. 

With time Daisy has learned quite a few yoga asanas and butterfly is her favorite. 

Exercise session engages Daisy for 0.5 hr right after her milk and cookies.

2. Teaching about Plants and Watering Them  

This is really fun for the kids. Half hour before bath, I let Daisy water the potted plants in the balcony. It is important to do this activity prior to bathtime because kids get wet and dirty. 

Clumsy in the initial days, Daisy has now aced the proper way of watering plants and even learned the names of each. She can easily distinguish Aloe Vera from Spinach and Basil from Parsley.

3. Virtual Classroom Teaching

This activity engages Daisy in the morning for 1 hour. Started because of the initiative taken up by her preschool, Daisy's class teacher makes a con-call everyday at 11am and talks to 3-4 kids at a time. 

During this period, Daisy learns poems, dance, coloring … basically everything that happened in a school.

4. Kitchen Assistant 

With just one kid to look after, I do not find it difficult or dangerous to allow Daisy in kitchen. At 3 years, she is sturdy enough to stand on a stool and take instructions from me. 

I give her easy tasks like whipping a cake batter or sorting spoons and plates. 

Whenever I am kneading dough, she asks for some and begins rolling out tiny chapatis.

5. Games and Toys

Evening time Daisy sits with her play kits like Doctor Set, Painting, etc. 

I have also some monthly game subscriptions that has been helpful in engaging her. One of my recent purchase is the Wondrbox. This is age specific subscription box for kids, and is very helpful in making learning a playtime. Many of the card games and puzzles excite even the adults.

One box contains 3-4 activities, so each weekend you can start with a new task. In other words, there is never a dull moment with Wondrbox. I have truly loved the Emotion Box. I am amazed at how a topic like emotions can be put into a kid's learning, vocabulary and skill-based activity.

6. Reading Books

Nowadays we love sitting in the balcony and read books. And she has come at a stage where she understands characters and the story. Sometimes, it is not the story she is interested in but the pictures. 

For a couple of days, Daisy is fascinated with Frida Kahlo, Spanish painter, and her hairstyle. Each day she would ask for Frida Hairstyle and I make it for her. 

So, you never know how reading books may affect your kid and what sparks their imaginations.

7. Organize Picnics

Mundane routine of strapped in high-chair for mealtimes is just not for kids. Take the same meal and replace the chair with mat and sit in the balcony like we do. 

It is so fun in the mornings or evenings when the sun is not too harsh. 

In the pictures below, Daisy is enjoying winter mornings with her father.

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