Wednesday 6 May 2020

Short Story - Gold Chain


     Shishir’s father was a head master of a school in a small village of West Bengal and his mother was a house wife. With lots of efforts and sacrifices they sent Shishir to Kolkata for his higher studies so that he can do something in his life.

     After his higher education Shishir got a job in Kolkata then he married a girl working in his office, then they had a son and a daughter. Few years later his father died due to some illness, his mother was also suffering from high blood pressure and few other diseases but still she decided to stay at the village with the memories of Shishir’s father and she didn’t want to become a liability for Shishir. With the help of the pension of Shishir’s father any how she was able to manage her day to day expenses and the expenses for her medicines.

     In Diwali festival Shishir’s mother went to Kolkata for a week to meet her grandchildren. On weekend they all went to a mall, Shishir’s mother entered a jewellery shop and selected a gold chain which was worth Rs. 2000, when she went to the counter to pay the money she realized that she has left her purse at Shishir’s house. She told Shishir to lend her Rs. 2000 which she will return at his home. Shishir saw towards his wife and they went to a corner, his wife told him that you can’t ask this money back from your mother and what she will do with this gold chain at this age. Then Shishir came to his mother and told her that he didn’t have Rs. 2000 now, but tomorrow he will come to that shop and take that chain. Shishir’s mother told the shopkeeper to keep that chain separately and write the cost and the model of that chain at the back of their visiting card and give it to her and she also told the shopkeeper that they will collect it very soon.

     After few days Shishir’s mother returned back to her village, Shishir didn’t get that chain for her. While going back Shishir’s mother gave Rs. 1000 each to both the kids.

     Few months later Shishir got a call from the village that his mother is no more, he went to the village and did all the formalities. Next day one of his childhood friend Samir who was neighbour of his parents and was taking care of his mother after his father’s death came to him and handed over all the legal documents of Shishir’s parental house. His mother has transferred that house in Shishir’s name and Samir also handed over a small box and a letter. Shishir opened that letter and started reading.

 My dear Son,

 When you were small, you demanded a gold chain in your 10th birthday but due to our financial condition we couldn’t get it for you, hence I am giving it to you now, by the time you will get this chain I may leave this world. I couldn’t see you wearing this chain, but please do wear it in your next birthday, this is my last gift to you.

Your Mother.

Shishir opened the small box and was surprised to see the same chain which his mother had selected in the mall, he asked Samir that how she got this chain. Samir told that she gave him Rs. 2000 and the fare for Kolkata. She also gave him a visiting card of the shop to get that chain, then Samir told Shishir that yesterday he came to know from the medical shopkeeper that after she came back home from Shishir’s place she stopped purchasing her medicines to save money for  that gold chain.

Moral of the story : It’s true that our parents do not expect anything from us but it’s our duty to take care of them when they need us, should not hurt them and do something for them, though if we want then also we can’t do even 1% of what they have done for us.

By Soumen Saha (Ekantapriya)

Cooking is not only one of my hobbies but is my passion. I love to eat very much. According to me cooking is an art. If you have patience and you love cooking then there is no doubt that dishes made by you will be liked and appreciated. And I think this is the most important payback and reward for each and every cook. 
You will be surprised to know that basically I am a Civil Engineer and always dealing with bricks and stones but my love for eating has always helped and inspired me to cook different dishes, to experiment, to improve and give my touch to it. Other than this I love listening to music and singing, playing badminton, writing short stories, songs and poems.


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  1. Whoever loves his or her mother must read this story.

  2. You are realy a multi talented man. Great story