Wednesday 29 September 2021

Product Review: Deyga Organics Multi-Flower Glow Face Mask

As you age so does your skin. Which means you must take care of your skin with quality products.

One of my biggest issues with face packs or masks is the texture, dryness from  multani mitti, artificial smell, and even breakouts post-washing. 

The recent switch to Deyga Organics has made me so happy that I just cannot stop raving about it to my friends and family. The company sources its ingredients organically and ethnically. They use traditional recipes that are classic and helps to retain the effectiveness of each product.

The Multi-Flower Glow Face Mask is one-of-a-kind face mask that is:
* cooling (like aloe vera gel)
* smooth and silky (you won't stop gliding your fingers on the product) and 
* super fragrant (like walking into a garden of roses)

Made with the extracts of rose, hibiscus, lotus and lavender flowers, the Multi-Flower Glow Face Mask has a tingling sensation and hauntingly sweet smell of fresh flowers.

The product specifies that the mask must be stored in refrigerator and rightly so, because the cooling effect is unparalleled to any other face masks available in the market.

Just take sufficient amount of the mask, spread it on clean face and neck. Give yourself a rest for 30 minutes. Prepare some tea and read a book. And wash off. Use diligently once a week, the plumpness of the skin will return and remarkable glow effect can be felt.

While, the mask has done wonders for my skin and I have become a fan of its smell, however to some of my friends the product's fragrance is a bit over-powering (personal choice, I guess). This brings me to think that for those who are sensitive to strong smells may not prefer this mask. Also from the price point, the Multi-Flower Glow Face Mask is costing 600 INR for 100 gms. This can be an issue to those who are used to purchasing face masks that can be bought at less than 200 rupees for 50-100 gms.

Nevertheless, the organic ingredients, clear smooth texture, and natural powdered flowers into the mask is assuring enough that you are using one of the best skincare products currently available. 

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