Sunday 30 January 2022

4 Reasons to Choose Organic Honey

Being organic is not about choosing one product or produce. It is a way of life. 

Do you always search for organic products for your family? Are you looking for pure honey straight from the hive? 

Then you would love organic honey!

What makes organic honey different from others?

Organic honey is honey that does not have any chemicals or preservatives. It is sourced directly from a beehive and not an artificial structure.

You should know that labeling any honey as organic is unethical. So always trust a genuine brand like Kerala Naturals that follows the regulations and sells good quality products.

Why should you consume organic honey?

  • It is a lifestyle change

Choosing organic products means that you as an individual have chosen a good lifestyle and means of living. Organic products are much healthier and richer in taste. The price quotient can be steep, but you are assured of the product and its benefits in the long run.

  • Nature's Sweetener

You can easily ditch sugar and maple syrup if you have honey at home. Sugar only provides empty calories, but honey, especially wild honey, is laden with health benefits and nutritional value. Just drizzle on tea, coffee, butter toast, or pancakes, and you will be delighted.

  • Cure for Cough

Organic honey is an excellent home remedy for cold and cough in adults and children. Take a spoonful of good quality organic wild honey with some ginger juice, consume 2-3 times a day and see a change in your health. If you need relief from constant coughing and sneezing, take one spoon of honey and swallow it slowly, giving a chance to the throat to get lubricated. 

  • Get Beautiful with Honey

Are you facing dry skin issues? Then honey is just the thing for you. Mix honey, fresh cream, and rosewater for a mushy but tasty face pack. Apply once a week and feel the difference. Honey is a natural humectant. It attracts moisture from the atmosphere and locks it in the skin. So a honey-based face pack is very effective for dry and aging skin.



Wild honey is procured from the bees that collect honey from local wildly grown flowers. As a result, the honey has a distinctive taste, color, and texture. Wild Honey is filled with anti-viral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It is excellent for building immunity and curing health issues like cold, cough, respiratory infections, sunburns, and ulcers. 

The market is flooded with honey sold under the impression of organic food. However, it would be best to be alert and know the difference. Look for Kerala Natural’s Organic Wild Honey. It is pure, rich, and dark honey that is very delicious. 

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