Saturday 12 February 2022

What is Ginger Coffee?

Cannot think of a day without several cups of coffee? 

Well, you are not alone!

There are so many people across the globe who want coffee either in the morning or evening and only then are able to concentrate in their daily chores.

Interestingly, coffee is available in so many kinds (black, decaf, espresso, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, americano, cortado, etc.) and there are multiple recipes that uses coffee (iced coffee, cold brew, frappe, cake, etc.). So, the option to get bored with coffee just does not exist.

However, one form of coffee that is equally popular is Ginger Coffee. Those who are akin to masala chai (spiced tea) would feel a similarity with the concept of ginger coffee and its importance. Great for cold winter months and healthy for everybody, ginger coffee is a must try.

You can try making your version of ginger coffee by simmering 1 tsp. grated fresh ginger, 1 cinnamon stick, 2 cloves and other optional spices like cardamon and black pepper in a cup of water. Sieve after the spices emit their aroma. To the concoction, add hot milk, sugar and your regular coffee powder. 

Some recipes do not call for boiling spices with water. You only need to add grated ginger or dry ginger powder and instant coffee powder to a cup of hot milk or water. 

However, nowadays ginger coffee is also available in stores. It saves the hassles of perfecting the cup as well as prepares your hot drink in a jiffy. Brands like Kerala Naturals have Dry Ginger Coffee that is quite easy to prepare and tastes delicious. For a single serving, just heat 1/4 cup of water. Add sugar and 1-2 tsp. of dry ginger coffee powder. Then add milk. Brew for a while. And sieve into your favourite cup. 

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You may choose to opt out milk completely and prepare your drink in water. But the milk adds richness and also helps to cut down on the heat from ginger and other spices.

The health benefits of Kerala Natural's dry ginger coffee are:

  1. cures cough
  2. relives throat infection
  3. acts like an immunity booster
  4. keeps in check the early signs of fever and cold
  5. helps in digestion
So, upgrade your regular cup of coffee, and add some healthy spices!


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