Wednesday 7 September 2022

Reasons Why Healthy Snacking Is Essential for You?

Snacking is an unavoidable activity that everyone indulges in despite having a full meal. But what is crucial is opting for healthy choices. 

Healthy snacks that are hygienically prepared are not difficult to find nowadays. It is widely held that such foods are safer and more nutritious for kids. Therefore, it is a top priority for people to consume quality snacks that are low in fat, have zero transfats, and yet tasty to munch on. Temptino is a brand trying to create healthy snacks through vacuum frying and osmotic dehydration technology in which the aroma, flavor, and nutrients are kept intact.

If you want to know why healthy snacks have become the preferred choice of many people, especially for their kids, here is the information.

1. Prepared from fresh fruit and vegetables

One of the main reasons people choose snacks is to avoid the entire process of cooking a meal. However, snacking can lead to exposure to harmful chemicals used in the packaged food preparation process. Conventional methods often involve chemicals and additives absorbed by the food one eats. These chemicals have been associated with various health problems and developmental disorders in kids. 

For this reason, choosing nutritious and high-protein snacks is vital to minimize your mid-day cravings and a child's exposure to unhealthy food products. For example, some brands like Temptino are developing innovative technologies that are an alternative to the conventional frying method. In this technique, frying occurs in a closed container below the atmospheric pressure. Also known as Vacuum Frying, the technique provides minimal exposure to oxygen, helps preserve nutrients, and controls the oil absorption in the food. 

2. More nutritious

Several packaged food items contain additives and preservatives that enhance the taste but can drastically reduce the nutritional value of the food item. However, vacuum-fried snacks like Crackling Chickpeas, Crunchy Okra Chips, and Ripe Jackfruit Chips are high in protein and low in fats and cholesterol. 

Moreover, to satisfy your sweet tooth, there is the option of dehydrated fruits. Dehydration is an age-old technique for preserving fruits and vegetables. The process involves removing excess water, using contented sugar syrup, and drying the fruit pieces before packing. These dehydrated fruits are yummy, easy to carry anywhere, and loved by kids. Therefore, there is no reason to not choose the most nutritious and healthy snacks like Apple Ber Candy or Kokum Amla Candy.

3. Promotes good health

A sound immune system is vital for protecting your child from frequent illnesses. A diet of fruits and vegetables boosts your child's immune system. Thus, feeding your kids proper food is recommended for their immediate and long-term health. 

People who eat good food are less likely to suffer from health problems. So remember to stock up on nutritious snacks and avoid deep-fried ones laden with artificial flavorings. 


Unless you consciously select tasty and healthy snacks that are rich in antioxidants, low in calories, improve digestion, and contain dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, change cannot occur in your life. 



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